Tommy Gunn

Tommy Gunn was a thirty-second century Solaris VII fight promoter, agent and manager.

Character Brief[edit]

He was the son of a Rasalhagian refugee, who escaped from her homeworld just before Clan Wolf invaded Unzmarkt in 3050. He has been a fight promoter for his career on Solaris VII.

He was involved in the formation of the co-op founded by ex-Star Captain Yulri and Scrapper Jazz duMartre. After the success of the co-op, Tybalt Garnet of New DeLon Stables set out to bribe co-op. With threats against his family, he set up co-op to be disqualified Yulri and possibly killed co-op's scapper team in champion match.

However, Tommy had second thoughts and warned Jazz and her team of the situation so that she could prevent the co-op's destruction and save their lives.