Yulri Wolf

Yulri Wolf
Born: 4 january 3105[1]
Affiliation Steel Wolves
Galaxy Commander

Yulri Wolf (3105 – ), trueborn Wolf warrior, joined the Steel Wolves, formed in 3132-3133. He participated in the battle for Achernar in 3133 as part of a Steel Wolves Cluster commanded by Star Colonel Torrent. He was captured by Tassa Kay who kept him as a bondsman. Later, it was found out that Tassa was actually Anastasia Kerensky of Clan Wolf.

Later he regained rank of Star Commander fighting for Galaxy Commander Anastasia Kerensky on Skye in 3134 against Clan Jade Falcon while piloting a Mad Cat III. In May 3135, he was dismissed by Kerensky after accusing her of turning the "Clan Steel Wolves" into a mercenary unit. He traveled alone with his Nova BattleMech to Solaris VII to fight in the games, where he wishes to put the Solaris VII warriors to test his skills. There he met a woman who defeated him on a scrappers match named Jazz. He and Jazz with help of promoter Tommy Gunn formed a fighting co-op they called the Canid Cooperative. Through this he called for the restoration of chivalry and honor that used to be associated with the Game World.

By July 3136, he had fought a number of challengers. However, the manager of the New DeLon Stables disrailed trying to disgrace the Canid by extorting its manager into sending in Canid infantry fighting team into Ishiyama arena thinking New Delon sending covert infantry team to kill Yulri's 'Mech. Yulri managed to win fight fairly, and the conspiracy was uncovered. However, both stables were banned from entering that year's Solaris championship.


Originally using a Nova in 3133 until Anastasia Kerensky destroyed it on Achernar. He briefly piloted a Mad Cat III during the Jade Falcon invasion of Skye. By 3135, he was once again piloting a Black Hawk OmniMech on Solaris VII. [2] He also piloted a salvage-job made Mongrel called "Fang".

He developed a relationship with Jasmine "Jazz" duMartre.


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