Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Whirlwind
Previous classes Davion


The Weasel was a Whirlwind-class destroyer and a part of the Clan Wolverine touman prior to the Annihilation of the Wolverines. The Weasel fought in the battle held in the Deep Periphery system of Barbados at the end of June 2824 where the bulk of the Clan Wolverine touman and civilian castes were killed or captured by the Grand Fleet assembled by ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky.[1]

During the opening stages the Weasel and a sister Wolverine WarShip, the Vincent-class corvette Badger, fought against the Aegis-class Clan Snow Raven heavy cruiser CSR Black Justice. The Badger took heavy damage to her aft which saw her jump drive destroyed; considered less of a threat than the Weasel, the Badger was able to bypass the Black Justice and made for the Snow Raven Sovetskii Soyuz-class heavy cruiser CSR Avalanche. The Badger deliberately overloaded her engines in close proximity to the Avalanche, destroying herself and inflicting heavy damage on the Avalanche in the process.[1]

The Weasel used the actions of the Badger as a distraction to slip past the Avalanche and launch an attack on the various transport WarShips carrying the assembled Clan ground forces, beginning with the Clan Widowmaker Potemkin-class cruiser Egg Sac.[1]


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