Wild Geese

The Wild Geese.jpg
The Wild Geese
Unit Profile (as of 3071)
CO Brigadier Alisande Faulkner
Formed 3006
JumpShips yes
DropShips yes
Aerospace yes
Armor yes
Infantry yes


Formed in 3006 and often uses the false colors of other Davion units. Over 40 years the unit was employed by the AFFC. In 3051 the unit assaulted Blackjack, a world held by the Clan Jade Falcon suffering heavy casualties. It took over a decade to rebuild the unit to its former strength. During the Capellan-St. Ives War in 3062, the unit helped the Blackwind Lancers to escape Ambergrist. In 3062 they joined the Allied Mercenary Command (AMC) and fought with the 13th Stalking Horse on Sheratan. Currently the unit is stationed at Alta Vista.[1]

In 3069 the Geese left together with the Thirteenth Stalking Horse of the Federated Suns. ROM intercepted communications from the Word of Blake in late October 3068 indicating that the Blakists considered both the Geese and the Thirteenth priority targets, but had lost track of both units after they left Alta Vista, and indicated that both units had left Alta Vista shortly after the combined Wolf's Dragoons/Clan Wolf-in-Exile raid on Outreach. The Word of Blake indicated that Alisande Faulkner of the Wild Geese had been declared head of the Allied Mercenary Command shortly before both units left Alta Vista.[2]

Both units were battered while attacking Spica in 3071, through Blakist reinforcement. (Half of the Horse and the Blackhorse Squadron from the Geese were lost).[3]

The Wild Geese were a part of a Regulan task force led by the Fourth Regulan Hussars and sent to attack Gibson in August 3073, were destroyed at the hands of the Forty-ninth and Fifty-second Shadow Divisions. A number of units other units were also destroyed completely, including the Thirteenth Stalking Horse, but some survivors managed to escape by DropShip after the Wild Geese sold themselves to buy time. With the Regulan ground offensive firmly defeated, Word of Blake WarShips appeared in-system and shattered the Regulan naval forces, with only a few survivors escaping.[4][5][6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of The Wild Geese
Brigadier Alisande Faulkner 3071


Brigadier Alisande Faulkner is a gifted tactician and student of mobile warfare.[1]


The unit use armor and infantry to pin down an enemy and BattleMechs/aerofighters to destroy the enemy.[1]




Wild Geese (Reinforced Regiment/Veteran/Fanatical)[1]

  • CO: Brigadier Alisande Faulkner

Regimental Headquarters Troop

Blackhorse Squadron

- All designs are jump capable 'Mechs of fifty-five tons and above.

Ironhorse Squadron

- This Squadron contains heavy and assault 'Mechs.

Darkhorse Squadron

  • CO: Major Alexander Zehnder

- The fast light and medium 'Mechs are used for flanking maneuvers and reconnaissance.


  • Each squadron is a reinforced battalion (6 companies each, called Troops). All squadrons are supported by additional hover armor,VTOLs, and Battle Armor troops.[1]


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