William Kossacks

Fleet Admiral William "Wet Willie" Kossacks was the Commanding Officer (CO) of the 2nd Davion Guards from at least the time of Operation Revival through the FedCom Civil War.


Kossacks was an aerospace fighter pilot. He earned the nickname "Wet Willie" after bailing out of his third plane and floating for days on Cylene's Tartarus Sea. He attended the Officer Training Program at Sakhara, and graduated from Albion's War College with honors, to the puzzlement of a number of instructors. Although listed as a Fleet Admiral, he holds a Marshal's baton; the naval rank was bestowed on him by Field Marshal Hasek in recognition of his origins as a fighter pilot.[1]

Operation Revival[edit]

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FedCom Civil War[edit]

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"Flashpoint? Yeah, that's one way to put it. A million tons of sh*t hitting the fan at the same time is another..."
  — Attributed to William Kossacks, when asked about the "Flashpoint" that started the FedCom Civil War[2]
"I would have no more joy than to lead you fabulous guys in battle. Your nation is counting on you. Don't you worry about who you will be fighting. Let me worry about that. Just do your jobs and the Lord will watch over us all!"
  — Kossacks addresses his 2nd Davion Guards before sending them into battle[3]
All I need is a full magazine and a fifth of scotch. Oh, and would a couple of tac-nukes be out of the question?
  — Commodore William "Wet Willie" Kossacks[4]


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