Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Impavido


The CCS Zhejiang was an Impavido-class WarShip operated by the Capellan Confederation. The Zhejiang was one of three Impavido-class destroyers in service with the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces by August 3063, serving alongside the CCS Xizang and CCS Anhui. Like her sister ships, the Zhejiang was named after an important duchy within the Confederation.[1] The three ships would remain the only Impavido-class vessels in service with the CCAF by late 3067.[2]

In 3069 the Zhejiang was escorting a Capellan strike force tasked with assaulting New Syrtis when the strike force was hit by the mercenary unit known as The Medusans in a deep-space ambush. The Medusans conducted a fast, slashing attack using DropShips and at least one Pocket WarShip, destroying a Capellan Leopard and a Triumph.[3]

The presence of the Zhejiang with the strike force was evidently a surprise to the mercenaries and the Zhejiang soon engaged the ambushers, destroying the Intruder-class Ambuscade and damaging a number of the other Medusan ships, some significantly enough that they would require months of repair work in a dedicated shipyard. The Medusans inflicted damage on the Zhejiang in turn, including a number of telling blows; while this damage wasn't enough to destroy the Zhejiang during the ambush, it was a contributing factor in the eventual destruction of the Zhejiang during the Capellan retreat from New Syrtis several months later.[3]


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