121st Division (ComStar)

121st Division Level IV
Unit Profile (as of 3052)
Nickname Effective Action (3050)
Parent Formation 2nd Army
Formed Unknown (mid 3030's)

Savaged by Clan Ghost Bear, the 121st Division was one of the many Com Guard units destroyed during the Battle of Tukayyid.[1][2][3]


Immediately prior to the Clan Invasion, the green ranked 121st Division, a IV-Eta mix referred to by the nickname of Effective Action, was assigned to the Second Army and was headquartered on the Draconis Combine world of Galtor III.[4]

Nominally attached to the Second Army, the 121st was transferred to bolster the units of First and Fourth Armies facing Clan Ghost Bear. Attempting to hinder the Ghost Bears advance on Luk, the 121st was decimated by the Bears Beta Galaxy, suffering such heavy losses that the Precentor Martial chose to retire the division instead of rebuilding it.[1][5][2][3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 121st Division
Precentor Herbert Moeheng 3050 - 3052[4]



Compsition History[edit]


121st Division (Division/Green)[4]

Note: At this point in time the 103rd Division was stationed on Galtor III.[4]


  • The 121st Division is incorrectly listed as the 211th Division in 20-Year Update, the unit's nickname, placement in the Second Army and destruction listed in ComStar, Tukayyid, Invading Clans and Field Manual: ComStar confirm that the second 211th was meant to be the 121st.


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