4th Robinson Strikers

Fourth Robinson Strikers LCT
Formed 3100s
Nickname Violent Pachyderms
Affiliation Federated Suns
Parent Command Robinson Brigade

Unit Description[edit]

The Fourth Robinson Strikers was a Light Combat Team, utilized to defend the Federated Suns' Draconis March.[1]



Formed during the thirty-second century, the Fourth Robinson Strikers were intended as a mirror of the Davion Assault Guards. Except for the unit's hover squadrons, every war machine is heavy or assault weight, and with the addition of a battalion of artillery and an Arondight Pocket WarShip the Fourth has ably served as a "fire brigade" to the embattled Draconis March.[2]

The Draconis Combine Invasion of 3144[edit]

In the Battle for McGehee, the unit was stationed on-planet when the Sixteenth Galedon Regulars attacked. Despite the Fourth Robinson being outnumbered in BattleMechs their superior skills in combined-arms warfare enabled them to inflict heavy losses on the Sixteenth before the Davion troops finally withdrew to Dahar IV. In one notable incident along the Davis River, the Fourth's 302nd Amphibious Platoon (nicknamed "The Red Trident") used their Sea Fox Battle Armor to ambush a DCMS column escorting the captured command staff of one Strikers battalion. The Red Trident successfully rescued the prisoners and together they were able to retreat off-world with the rest of the Fourth.[3][4]

While the Fourth was recovering on Dahar IV in early 3145, the Draconis Combine sent a small reconnaissance force to the planet. Armor elements of the Dahar Draconis March Militia and a 'Mech company from the Fourth later ambushed the Combine troops in the Harsefield Desert.[5][6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Fourth Robinson Strikers
Major General Giuseppe Centorino 3145[7]



Composition History[edit]


Fourth Robinson Strikers LCT BattleMech Battalion - (Veteran Skilled /Reliable Loyalty)[7]

  • CO: Major General Giuseppe Centorino
  • BattleMech Unit Note: The battalion is at 80% fighting strength and has a B Tech Rating.

Fourth Robinson Strikers Aerospace Brigade - (Veteran Skilled/Reliable Loyalty)[7]

  • CO: Vice Admiral Manuel Cobb
  • Aerospace Unit Note: The aerospace force is at 75% fighting strength and has a B Tech Rating. The unit also has a permanently assigned Arondight-class DropShip as part of its assets.

Fourth Robinson Strikers Armor Brigade - (Veteran Skilled/Reliable Loyalty)[7]

  • CO: Major General Pearl Chandler
  • Armor/Combat Vehicle Unit Note: The combat vehicle force is at 95% fighting strength and has a B Tech Rating.

Fourth Robinson Strikers Infantry Brigade - (Regular Skilled/Fanatical Loyalty)[7]

  • CO: Major General Kristen George
  • Infantry Unit Note: The Infantry force is at 90% fighting strength and has a B Tech Rating.
UNIT NOTES: LCT was assigned as of 3145 to the world of Dahar IV.[7]


The unit's crest is the Strikers' shield, with two rearing elephant silhouettes bracketing the sword.[8]


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