4th Wolf Guardians (Clan Wolf-in-Exile)

Omega Galaxy
4th Wolf Guardians Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3085)
Parent Formation Omega Galaxy


Fourth Wolf Guardians was raised in the early 3060s. It acted as a second line support cluster for other Guardian Clusters.[1] In 3067 the cluster was stationed on Crimond.[2]

In December 3073 the Fourth were stationed on the Lyran world of Bountiful Harvest along with the Second Wolf Strike Grenadiers[3] when the Word of Blake's Fiftieth Shadow Division raided the world. The Second Grenadiers and the Fourth Guardians put up a fierce resistance, forcing the Fiftieth Shadow Division to retreat after taking heavy losses.[4][5]

In 3079 the cluster was on the planet of Crimond.[3]

In 3085 the Fourth was stationed on Morningside and its status had been upgraded to a front line unit.[6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 4th Wolf Guardians (Clan Wolf-in-Exile)
Star Colonel Jeremiah Shaw 3067[2]
Star Colonel Aneko 3085[6]


The Fourth provided air and infantry support for other clusters in its Galaxy prior to the Jihad.[1]

Composition History[edit]


Fourth Wolf Guardians - Regular/Fanatical [2]

  • 80% full strength, with 25% Star league era equipment
  • It was comprised of 4 Trinaries of mostly Aerospace Fighters and Elementals[1]


Fourth Wolf Guardians - Regular/Fanatical [3]

  • 75% full strength, with 75% of the force equipped with OmniMechs


Fourth Wolf Guardians - Regular/Fanatical [6]

  • 80% full strength, with 75% of the force equipped with OmniMechs


The Cluster is correctly listed as the Fourth Wolf Guardians in Field Manual: 3085. However, in Field Manual: Updates, Field Report: Clans, Jihad Hot Spots: 3076, and Jihad: Final Reckoning they are referred to as Guards. This is an error replicated with all Guardian clusters. The Fourth Guardians highlight this confusion the most when noted alongside Alpha Galaxy's Fourth wolf Guards. Page 22 of Field Report: Clans makes the distinction between the two Clusters very clear, including their roles in the Jihad.



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