7th Raven Garrison (Clan Snow Raven)

CSR Epsilon Galaxy logo.jpg
Seventh Raven Garrison
Affiliation Clan Snow Raven
Parent Command Epsilon Garrison Galaxy


Between 3060 and 3067 the Cluster formed part of the garrison force of Hellgate. [1] [2] During this time the Cluster along with the rest of Epsilon Garrison Galaxy almost mutinied at the dishonor caused by the assault on Lum in 3065 by Clan Star Adder. [3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 7th Raven Garrison
Star Colonel Silas deMarque 3060 - 3067[4] [2]


Lacking 'Mechs the cluster is considered unsuitable for offensive operations.[4]

Composition History[edit]


  • 5 Trinaries - Regular rising to Veteran by 3067

The cluster is noted as using vehicle Stars in place of BattleMech Stars.


  • The units insignia is a medieval cannon and a pile of cannon balls.


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