990th Wolf Battle (Clan Wolf)

Disbanded 3070 (Destroyed)
Previous Designation(s) Nine Hundred and Ninetieth Battle Cluster
Nickname Best of Both Worlds (previous)
Affiliation Clan Wolf
Clan Coyote (previous)
Parent Command Omicron Galaxy from Clan Wolf
Omicron Galaxy from Clan Coyote (previous)


Clan Coyote[edit]

The 990th Composite Battle Cluster was regarded as the best Deep-Space combat unit in Clan Coyote.[1] In 3067 the cluster was stationed on New Kent.[2]

Desperate for warriors in 3070, Clan Wolf turned to their long time allies Clan Coyote for assistance. After hard negotiations Omicron Galaxy including the 990th was traded along with five Stars of merchant transports for the Wolf holdings in Clan space.[3]

Clan Wolf[edit]

The 990th Wolf Battle Cluster along with the rest of Omicron Galaxy was wiped out in the fighting as the Wolves pulled out of Clan space in 3072.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 990th Composite Battle
Star Colonel Alain Starskiy 3061[1]
Star Colonel Irene 3067[2]


The Cluster deployed a wide variety of tactics in combat.

Composition History[edit]


990th Composite Battle Cluster - Regular/Questionable [1]


990th Composite Battle Cluster - Regular/Questionable [2]

  • 50% full strength, with 5% of the force equipped with OmniMechs.


990th Wolf Battle Cluster [3]


Fighters add a -2 modifier to Control Rolls while fighting in space, but not in the atmosphere.[5]


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