9th Raven Wing (Clan Snow Raven)

9th Raven Wing Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3061)
Nickname The Ice Wing
Parent Formation Beta Galaxy


Clan Invasion Era[edit]

In the 3060s the Ninth Raven Wing Cluster was deployed to Bearclaw, where it provided CAP to supply convoys.[1]

The Dark Age[edit]

In 3144 the Raven Alliance attacked and conquered Sterlington and Kirbyville. Sterlington was defended by the Third Periphery Guard at the time; the Ninth Raven Wing Cluster made very effective use of their Hippogriff ProtoMechs as shock weapons, and in at least one notable instance the Ninth managed to rout a dug-in contingent of the Third Periphery Guard by deploying Elementals and Afreets on the ground before dropping Hippogriffs onto the Third from a high altitude to sweep down. The sudden appearance of the ProtoMechs caused panic and disarray amidst the ranks of the Third, who promptly ran into the arms of a second wave of Raven forces.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 9th Raven Wing
Star Colonel Todd Patterson 3061[1]


Specialize in Ground-support.[1]





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