Absalom Sloat

Absalom Sloat
Died 2 November 3056
Affiliation Seventeenth Recon Regiment
Profession Scout


Born on one of the three Southwest Trinity worlds, Absalom Sloat was one of the generally cantankerous and highly individualistic members who made up the Scout Platoon that operated as a part of the Seventeenth Recon Regiment, also known as Camacho's Caballeros. Although he was described as speaking with an anachronistic whine,[1] Sloat was valued for being an unparalled tracker, despite the fact that he never really adjusted to operating in urban surroundings.[2]

Absalom was killed in action on Hachiman on the 2nd of November 3056, while serving as a Private. The Seventeenth Recon were battling the Ninth Ghost regiment as a result of orders from the Internal Security Force, who believed that the Seventeenth's client, Chandrasekhar Kurita, was betraying the Draconis Combine to the Clans. Absalom was one of the Scout Platoon volunteers who joined a mission led by Lieutenant Cassie Suthorn to penetrate the building occupied by Ninyu Kerai Indrahar, the adoptive son of ISF chief Subhash Indrahar and senior ISF operative on Hachiman, and present him with (fabricated) evidence exonerating Chandrasekhar Kurita. During the attempt to infiltrate the building occupied by Ninyu, the surviving members of the mission attempted to ride an elevator up the building by clinging to the outside of the elevator pod, to escape encounters with those inside the building. DEST commandos on one of the floors above the scouts spotted them and fired on the scouts; while the other members of the team survived, Absalom was hit or lost his grip on the elevator and fell to his death.[2]


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