Amos Devon

Amos Devon
Affiliation Clan Ghost Bear
Rank Star Admiral

Amos Devon was a Bloodnamed warrior of Clan Ghost Bear.


A member of the Devon Bloodhouse, Amos Devon had reached the rank of Star Admiral by 3078. Serving as a part of the Ghost Bear touman supporting the allied coalition during Operation SCOUR and the subsequent liberation of the Terra system, Amos was interviewed briefly by Karen Meimann of ISAP on the 11th of July 3078 on the cusp of operations within the Terra system, giving some insight into the perspective of the Clan forces on the upcoming campaign.[1]

Amos commanded the Leviathan-class WarShip CGB Great Bear as a part of Task Force CRONUS, the attack on the Titan Yards in mid-August. It was this assault which allowed the allied coalition to confirm that the Word of Blake had been able to expand the Caspar SDS network to include Tiamat-class vessels. The last recorded transmission from the Great Bear showed Amos briefing Com Guard Admiral Alain Beresick on the existence of the Caspar II drones shortly before also confirming the existence of the Dragon's Breath Multiple Capital Missile Launch System designed by the Blakists. Disguised as a disused ore processor, a Dragon's Breath launcher revealed itself in the middle of Devon's broadcast, launching a volley of thirty Peacemaker nuclear missiles at the Great Bear, which was destroyed shortly afterwards.[2]

It is not known if Amos survived the destruction of the Great Bear.[citation needed]


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