Anja Halstead

Anja Halstead
Affiliation Clan Cloud Cobra
Rank Star Captain
Profession MechWarrior

Anja Halstead was an officer in Clan Cloud Cobra Touman.[1]


On the 13th June 2854, Clan Coyote forces have issues a Trial of Possession against Clan Cloud Cobra over the mining town of Roenich, on Babylon. Star Captain Anja Halstead has won the bidding of the defense deploying a Trinary of 'Mechs that include a Star made of solahma that she intends to use to contest Clan Coyote's landing and scout on the new 'Mech, named Coyotl, they are deploying for the first time.

Her solahma star engage the Coyote's Binary and confirm that they have downed a Hussar and describe the Coyotl as having an arm-mounted PPC, ten LRMs, a quad Streak and a medium pulse laser, a speed of 120 km/h and no jump jets.

Based on that, she prepares the tactic for her remaining Binary and they deploy in the wadis north of the city. After two hours, Coyote forces appear and Anja orders her force to stick to zellbrigen. At this moment they discover that this Coyotl 'Mech is able to jump and she guesses the Coyote's have been able to exchange configurations in a few hours, and while she expects a discussion in the Grand Council, she continues with the engagement, but though her forces fight well, they end up loosing the match.[1]


She piloted a Great Wyrm.[1]


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