Anna Hung

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Anna Hung
Affiliation Red Jians Stables
Profession Arena Gladiator
Spouse Che Dewery
Children Two children

Anna Hung was a Solaris VII MechWarrior that has always fought on Solaris BBL league.


Anna Hung was born in Solaris City, to be precise in Cathay, and has been around 'Mechs her entire life.[1] After a technician's apprenticeship with the now-defunct Golden Lions Stables, she drifted through several stables until she joined the Red Jians.[2]

Anne Hung was an eight-year veteran of the league, all of them with Red Jians Stables. After MechWarrior training, she made her debut in the Branson Brewery League's '62-'63 season. She compiled a 17-6-7 record, finishing third in the Class Two division, thirteenth in the overall standings, and winning the BBL’s Rookie of the Year title. After two seasons, Hung moved to Class Three for the '64-'65 season and given the Vindicator she still pilots today. She won the Class Three title three times in the next five seasons.[2] She's the best-known BBL gladiator and her marksmanship with the PPC is legendary. She has fought a few matches in Solaris City, but considers Rankar's Deep her home arena. Hung is a quiet woman with no expressed political views, preferring to let her actions in the Deep do her talking.[1]

During the WoB invasion, she was part of the local SHDL force. Afterwards, she did some dueling in several minor venues, but mostly concentrated on her family and the Red Jians stable, so she decided to return to the arena when the BBL went back to the stage in 3086.[2]

She did participate in the 3086 Championship.

In her first match she won against Hiroyuki Hojo.[3]

She won her second match and was leading the Class Three Division.[3]

Prior to week six, she had the only perfect record in the League and was leading the Class Three Division.[4]

In week six, she was matched against Soren Murphy, this was the first spotlight match of the week. The match started with a few long-range exchanges, each feeling out the other. After that, Hung began getting the better of the combat, using the combination of her Vindicator's PPC and LRMs to counter Murphy's sole long-range weapon, the ERPPC of his Clint-3U. But then, Murphy got in a lucky shot that mangled Hung's LRM launcher and swung things back to a more even keel. From there, it was fast-moving and quick-shooting until time expired, resulting in a hard-fought draw. This was her firts fight not ending in a victory.[4]

That draw did not stop her, and she indeed continued winning, and prior to week ten she was the only unbeaten MechWarrior in any of the divisions, the hard-fought draw with Soren Murphy her only non-win in the 3086 championship. Tyrone Dyhr was four points behind Hung and trying to keep the gap from getting wider.[5]

For her tenth match she was paired against Wan-Choi Cole. Hung stayed cool throughout the match, using her Vindicator's LRM/PPC combo to keep Cole on the defensive and wear him down. With only ten minutes left, Cole decided to gamble and launched a Death From Above against Hung. Hung waited until Cole reached the jump's apex and pounded him with everything she had, punching through his weakened armor, ripping the gyro apart and destroying two Jump Jets. Cole's Tsunami slammed to the ground, and officials gave Hung the victory. Cole was stunned, but okay.[5]

After week twelve, in Class Three Division standings, Anne Hung has continued her near perfect season, going 11-0-1 with 34 points and opening up a seven-point lead over Tyrone Dyhr. Chris Rogers, Hiroyuki Hojo, and Eveline Wilson each have 21 points, which puts them a distant third, six points behind Dyhr.[6]

In week fourteen he was to fight again against Soren Murphy. The action was fast and furious from the start, but Hung scored the first telling hit, damaging one of the Clint's jump jets in the tenth minute. Three minutes later, she damaged another of Murphy's jump jets. Robbed of his jump advantage, Murphy tried using his ground speed, but Hung patiently wore him down, concentrating on the Clint's legs. The end came when Hung destroyed both her opponent's legs, ending the match and avenging her only no-win of the season.[7]

Her string of victories continued until week fifteen. Paired against John Manhiem from Stone Fists Stables (ranked sixth, eighteen points behind Hung). Manhiem's Griffin had advantages in weight, speed, and larger missile launcher compared to Hung's Vindicator. From the start, Hung was clearly off her game. Her shots were inaccurate, unlike her usually meticulous shooting. Wary of a trap, Manhiem stayed at medium-long range, trading armor loss for better shots. Hung's shooting did improve, but by the time it did, she was in serious trouble. Though she damaged the Griffin's right hip actuator with her PPC, Manhien's return fire found the holes and shattered both the right leg and torso, which dropped the Vindicator. Despite the loss, she was still ten points ahead of Tyrone Dyhr, whose forfeit match cost him a chance to close the gap.[8]

She won one match and lost another after that. Then, to everybody's surprise, she was hospitalized complaining of weakness and was taken to the local hospital. Nobody knew what she was suffering from, foul play was suspected.[9]

Two weeks to end the year, the Class Three Division standings had Anna Hung with 49 points, followed by Eveline Wilson with 45 points and with third being John Manheim who had 37 points.


She has very comfortable with Stable's usual tactic.[10]


Anna Hung is an Elite MechWarrior.[1]


Since entering Class Three, she has been piloting a Vindicator.[2]


The author confirmed Class Three standings two weeks prior to the end of the season in the Battletech Forum.


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