Annie Sue Hurd

Annie Sue Hurd
Died 2 November 3056[1]
Affiliation Seventeenth Recon Regiment
Profession MechWarrior


Annie Sue "Avengin' Annie" Hurd was one of those who served in the Seventeenth Recon Regiment, also known as Camacho's Caballeros, and was one of those on active duty with the Caballeros in 3056 when they were employed by Chandrasekhar Kurita to provide security for one of his companies, Hachiman Taro Enterprises. Annie was a Lieutenant Senior Grade at the time, piloting a Rifleman in Bronco Company, under the command of Captain Kali "Lady K" MacDougall.[2] Despite her naive mannerisms, Annie was considered to be a fair 'Mech pilot, who had managed to take her Rifleman, which she'd named "Little Sure Shot", and fight her way through more than a score of battles, getting the most out of the 'Mech on each occasion.[3]

Born on Galisteo, Annie served with the Caballeros for a number of years, predominantly while the regiment was employed by the Federated Commonwealth. Even before joining the Caballeros, Annie was a was a lifelong admirer of the Steiner-Davion family, and of Countess Misha Auburn, Archon Melissa Steiner's best friend and official court historian. Considered to be pretty in a slightly watery way, Annie had auburn hair and a lot of mannerisms more commonly associated a much younger woman; one of her more notable affectations was her devotion to a teddy bear named "Bunny Bear" that she kept in her cockpit whenever she was piloting her 'Mech.[2]

On the 2nd of November 3056 the Seventeenth fought a pitched battle in the streets of Masamori, the capital city of Hachiman, against the Ninth Ghost, as a result of machinations by the Internal Security Force. Bronco Company was in the thick of the fighting, but Lady K deliberately kept Annie away from the immediate front line, where Little Sure Shot could provide medium and long-range fire support with less risk of ending up brawling. Unfortunately, this meant that when the Ninth Ghost's Second Battalion joined the battle, Annie was directly in the path of the Second's command lance, which consisted of an Atlas, a Charger, a JagerMech and a Marauder.[1]

Lady K ordered Annie to retreat, but Annie knew that if the Second Battalion's advance was slowed, they would quickly engage and roll over the surviving members of Bronco Company. Instead, Annie refused Lady K's order, and began firing on the JagerMech, knowing that she had no chance of surviving, but determined to do as much damage as she could. Annie died in combat, when the Atlas stripped away the armor on her cockpit, followed seconds later by the Marauder vaporising the Little Sure Shot's head.[1]


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