Misha Auburn

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Misha Auburn
Character Profile
Born ca. 3008[1]
Affiliation House Auburn
Title(s) Countess of Tikonov[1]
Position Court Historian
Profession Historian
Parents Thelos Auburn (father)[1]
Cassandra Auburn (mother)
Siblings Seven younger sisters,[1] possibly including Melissa Auburn
Spouse Andrew Redburn[1]
Children Thelos Redburn
Theodore Redburn
two others

Misha Auburn was House Steiner's family historian, like her father Thelos Auburn before her, and a close friend of Melissa Steiner since their childhood.


A report dated 7 January 3050 described her as 41 years old, suggesting her birth was in 3008 or very early 3009.[1]

The eldest of Thelos Auburn's eight daughters, Misha was the only one to show any interest in history or politics, with her father training her in the discipline of historical research to succeed him as Court Historian of the Steiner family. Her father's position in the Lyran court gave her the unique advantage of growing up as Melissa Steiner's best friend.

Probably her earliest attempt at working as a historian was Natasha Kerensky: A Biomedical Report, which is undated but from the context was created in or shortly after 3026, when Misha Auburn would have been about 17 years old. Though she is commended in the document's annotations for her "schoolgirl approach" to get an interview with the famous Natasha Kerensky, the transcript actually gives the impression that Kerensky was toying with her young interviewer and even suggests that Auburn might have interviewed a double instead of the real Black Widow.[2]

Unfortunately, while her father maintained his factual objectivity despite his political loyalty to House Steiner, outside observers such as Anastasius Focht and Wolfnet view Misha's carrier as one of unprofessional adoration or outright propaganda for her best friend. Her books, including titles such as Twenty Years of Progress, The Triumph of Right, Freedom's Bloody Price and her eight-volume epic, The Inevitability of Enlightenment, are full of half-truths, speculations, blithe generalities and irrelevant personal digressions, all of them intended to persuade the reader of the 'obvious' virtues and integrity of the Federated Commonwealth's rulers.[1] [3]

She met Andrew Redburn while he was visiting Tharkad in 3027. In 3030, Redburn and Misha married, and they had four children together.[1] At the time of Redburn's death, the couple had nine grandchildren.[4]

In ca. 3054 she authored Manifest Destiny: Humanity's Star Empires, which was condensed into a first year curriculum text titled Humanity's Destiny by her in 3067.[5]

By 3055 she also published New States in the 31st Century.[6]

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According to the prologue of the (apocryphal) German-only novel Wahnsinn und Methode, she would lecture history students at the Nagelring academy as of January 3067.

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