Ballistic-Reinforced Armor


Ballistic-Reinforced Armor was developed by the Draconis Combine in 3131 as a response to autocannon and missile weapons. The armor is a combination of Hardened and Reactive Armor that reduce damage taken from ballistic and missile weapons. The armor is also known as "reinforced" armor, but many techs use the term "hardened light" to describe it. A thinner version of hardened armor is backed by cable mesh that warps and traps missile and ballistic ammunition.[1]

Game Rules[edit]

Ballistic-Reinforced Armor reduces the damage inflicted by missile and ballistic weapons by half (rounding down), to a minimum of one point. Other damage types (energy weapons, falls, physical attacks, etc.) are not affected by Ballistic-Reinforced Armor.

It is Advanced Technology when introduced. One ton of armor provides 12 points of protection. On a BattleMech, it occupies ten (10) critical slots; On fighters it takes up two critical slots (one in each wing); vehicle-mounted BRA occupies 1 critical slot. It can be mounted on OmniMechs but may not be pod mounted.[1]


Ballistic-Reinforced Armor is manufactured on the following planets:

Brand Planet Company Used by References
Durallex Ballistic-Reinforced Quentin Independence Weaponry Marauder II [2]
Durallex Ballistic-Reinforced New Samarkand Luthien Armor Works Cricket [3]
Durallex Ballistic-Reinforced Tok Do Alshain Weapons Warhammer [4]
Durallex Ballistic-Reinforced Errai Maltex Corporation Thug [5]
Durallex Ballistic-Reinforced Tok Do Alshain Weapons Panther [6]


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