Biccon Winters

Biccon Winters
Affiliation Clan Nova Cat
Profession Oathmaster

Biccon Winters was the Oathmaster of Clan Nova Cat during Operation Revival.


Oathmaster during the Revival Trials, the visions of Biccon Winters predicted failure for the Invading Clans. When the Khans sought her guidance, she saw wolf, cat, falcon, and bear moving effortlessly across space, leaving a white mist in their wake. As other Clan emblems joined, the mist became thick and began to envelop Kerensky's children. When the Khans asked if the Nova Cats were one of the Clans that raced across the Inner Sphere, the Oathmaster said they were, but tried to impart on the Khans that it was the annihilation of the Clan force she saw. The Khans ignored her warnings and began establishing supply lines with the merchant caste, buoyed that the Oathmaster supported their plans.[1]

Oathmaster Winters accompanied the Khans and their allowed Trinary on the long trek to the Inner Sphere. The Wolf attack on Drask's Den gave the Nova Cats an opportunity to add to their Chronicle of Battles and Oathmaster Winters again warned the warriors of the Nova Cat Keshik that they were in danger. The warriors again ignored her, celebrating they would soon take their rightful place with the other Invaders. When Khan Ulric Kerensky warned the other Clans that the Inner Sphere level of technology was not as low as most of the Periphery forces they had faced, only the Nova Cat Khans heard the echoes from the Oathmaster.

When Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht joined the Clan leadership aboard the flagship Dire Wolf at the end of the Periphery campaign, Oathmaster Winters suddenly attacked him. Knocking him down and holding him with her foot, she shouted that he was the white mist that would destroy them. Unable to be calmed, two Elementals had to remove her and escort her to her quarters, and she unsuccessfully challenged saKhan Lucius Carns to a Trial of Grievance for acting as the Precentor Martial's honor guard. She was forced to accept the presence of the ComStar commander, however unhappily. [2]


“I saw the cat attacking by the hundreds, flanked only by the bear, the wolf, the jaguar, the falcon and the shark. Our enemy still stood divided and had not yet fallen - I knew that we would earn glory early in the war. I saw a burning rain of fire that struck from the sky in wanton destruction of people and resources - I knew our enemy would stand fast against the Clans. I saw a black cloud threatening the cat - I knew an older enemy than the Inner Sphere sought to overwhelm us."

-Biccon Winters, above Drask's Den, Periphery, 3049[3]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Oathmaster of Clan Nova Cat

Succeeded by
Likely Minoru Nova Cat


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