Busby Matvey

Busby Matvey
Character Profile
Also known as "Buzzy"[1]
Died 11 July 3076
Affiliation Stone's Coalition
Rank Sergeant
Profession Soldier, Small Craft Pilot

Busby "Buzzy" Matvey was a Sergeant in Stone's Lament and a member of its Recon Squad Four, serving as its small craft pilot and heavy weapons expert[2] until his death in 3076.


At some time before 3076, Buzzy found a civilian girlfriend.[1]

During the Sixteenth Battle of Hesperus II, as part of Recon Squad Four of Stone's Lament, Buzzy helped defend a House Hogarth summer home and the art within on orders from General Thomas Hogarth. Caught by a Word of Blake battle armor advance, the squad lost two members, including its XO, Lieutenant Davison. These members were replaced in 3076.[1]

In 3076, Recon Squad Four was deployed to Rochelle to scout out a Word of Blake installation and, if necessary, disable it.[2] The squad reached its destination, a warehouse Luella Hildebrand identified as a tracking center for a Space Defense System, on 11 July. There, the team engaged Manei Domini cyborgs, and Buzzy was torn apart in battle.[3] Luella soon fired on the tracking center's systems, overloading the SDS's power grid and disabling the defense system for the arrival of Stone's forces.[4]

Appearance and Description[edit]

Buzzy was a large man, similar in size to Clan Elementals. He had a strong Russian accent, distinctly of Tikonov, and a smoking habit he was (by 3076) trying to quit.[1][5]


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