By the Numbers

By the Numbers
Product information
Type Sourcebook fiction
Short story
Author Loren L. Coleman
Publication information
Publisher BattleCorps
First published
Era Civil War era
Timeline 3062
Followed by Job Security

The short story By the Numbers by Loren L. Coleman was first published in MechWarrior, Third Edition; it was republished via BattleCorps as a stand-alone product. An enhanced version was published in 2011 as part of the A Face Full of Blades compilation.

Plot summary[edit]

The Unnamed Soldier is the narrator of the story. He is 30 years old (having lied about his age to the LAAF and enlisted). He has been contracted to raid James Stroud estate - the Skye Tigers Estate located in Silesia - to sabotage the Clan 'Mech his stable has recently purchased. Along two other colleagues he forms a three-man team with Stephen (an special operative veteran of Asian origins) and Jaime. They enter the complex stunning all opposition and while searching for the OmniMech, they find and rescue Erik Gray. Erik explains them that Stroud's OmniMech is set to be piloted by an Enhanced Imaging Interface Warrior, and that Erik is expected to be implanted with that experimental technology as Erik had a clause in his contract that allowed James to decide on certain decisions for him.

The four of them enter a big warehouse outside the mansion, they found a nonworking Atlas, and next to it a Clan Ghost Bear Man O' War. At that moment an alarm was triggered and armed guards appeared and attacked them. The Unnamed Soldier got hit (and though his vest saved his life he though he most probably would end up with only a broken rib). Stephen got also hit in leg and in the arm and was in need of help to move. And when things were looking grim for the team, Erik is able to start the Man O' War, and with this action allows the rest of the team to escape by forcibly opening the door and a bit more.

When Erik abandons the 'Mech, the Unnamed Soldier sets a satchel and pulls it to explode in two minutes. After that, they all escape into Solaris City.


  • The story is undated, but James Stroud accused Drew Hasek-Davion to have sabotaged his OmniMech in 3062, which would set the date in that year.

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