Cho Polu

Cho Polu
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Volga


As of 3059 the Volga-class transport Cho Polu was serving as the CSA Cho Polu within the Clan Star Adder touman. The Cho Polu was one of two Volga-class vessels serving within the Star Adder touman at the time - the other being her sister vessel CSA Pompeii - and both vessels were working together to patrol the trade route between Paxon and Sheridan.[1] The Cho Polu remained an active part of the Star Adder touman for the next decade[2] but was lost in action shortly before the Wars of Reaving.[3]

In December 3068 the Cho Polu was involved in a large Trial of Possession in the Lum system called by the Star Adders for control of Lum's orbital space. The resulting Trial pitched the Adder Delta Naval Star, of which the Cho Polu was now a part, and three Clan Snow Raven WarShips against each other; with a total of almost six Stars of WarShips and DropShips and almost seven Stars of AeroSpace Fighters battling each other the Trial was one of the largest naval engagements to be fought in the Clan Homeworlds up to that point. The only Snow Raven WarShip to survive the Trial intact was the Lola III-class destroyer CSR Bloody Talon survived the engagement, and the other two Snow Raven WarShips present were crippled and on fire; even as the Raven ships burned, the Cho Polu was breaking apart in Lum's atmosphere. Soon the hulks of all three ships were leaving large craters gouged into the surface of the planet.[3]


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