David Sanada

David Sanada
Character Profile
Affiliation Silver Dragons Stables;
Wyren Claws Stables
Profession Arena Gladiator


David Sanada started as a rookie in the BBL in the employ of Wyren Claws Stables, He fought five years in the league and never finished lower than tenth.

Then he made the jump to the big leagues, signed by the Silver Dragons Stables (another Draconis Combine affiliated Stable). He fought in Solaris City for four years, but was never able to make into the Top Twenty.

In 3067, one year prior to the Jihad actions on Solaris, he returned to the BBL and was immediately contracted and made captain for Wyren Claws Stables.

He (along with the stables) fought along the SHDL during the Jihad,[citation needed] but after that returned to being captain of the Claws.

For some years, David Sanada also acted as head instructor for the stable. He concentrated on fire discipline and movement with the stables' second-rank MechWarriors, but generally uses a lighter hand with his fellow BBL team members, all of whom have experience in Rankar's Deep. He insisted on an intense physical training program, which includes a fifteen-kilometer run every morning regardless of weather. On 3086, and thanks to the Claws being in first place, there is a lot less grumbling about the training than in previous years.[1]

He did participate in 3086 BBL Championship.

After two weeks David Sanada was leading the Class Four Division, thanks to his two victories.[2]

After five weeks, he and Natalia Burns were holding the top two spots in Class Four.[3]

In week six of the tournament he fought and lost against David Santos.[4]

Weeks Nine and Ten ended with two losses, and dropping a bit in the Class Four standings.[4]

In week eleventh he was paired again against David Santos in a rematch of week six. Santos' Thunderbolt and Sanada's Orion, promised a slugfest and they did not disappoint. Using the Deeps' cover only sparingly, both went for an early win. Sanada scored the first critical hits, damaging Santos' LRM launcher and pressed for the advance. After a lot of exchanges, Santos was also down two medium lasers, some engine shielding and a damaged gyro. Refusing to concede the match, he continued fighting, so Sanada continued his assault, and finally struck Santos in the head. Stunned, Santos fell, and the officials stepped in and awarded Sanada the match, despite Santos' protests.[4]

He was paired for the thirteenth week against Peter King. It was a slugging match, with Sanada's Orion hammering autocannon rounds into King's Archer left leg. The resulting damage wreaked both the hip and knee actuators and forced King to concede.[5]

Prior to week sixteenth matches, he was in the global top twenty.[6]

For the sixteenth week, David Sanada went up against Wyman Mateo. David only needed thirteen minutes to hammer Mateo's Paladin into submission.[6]

After week sixteen and with just six weeks to go in the BBL, Tracy Vanberchum had a five-point lead over David Sanada, with David Santos in third. Natalia Burns had gone down but was still lurking in fourth.[7]

He was paired again against David Santos for week seventeenth with both looking to gain on Vanberchum. It was a match of maneuver, punctuated with short, but violent exchanges of weapons fire. The two fought a controlled and intense match. Sanada found that lucky shot, an autocannon blast that shattered Santos' right knee actuator. Crippled, Santos tried to hold out for the tie, but Sanada stayed on him, forcing Santos to launch the surrender flare.[7]

After week seventeen of the 3086 he was ranked second in the Class Four Division.[8][7]

Two weeks to end the year, the Class Four Division standings were led by Tracy Vanberchum with 46 points, followed by David Sanada with 40 and Natalia Burns third with 36 points.


David Sanada is a Veteran MechWarrior who prefers long-range fights. His fighting style has been classified as intense and unyielding.[8]


He pilots an Orion.[4]


The author confirmed Class Four standings two weeks prior to the end of the season in the BattleTech Forum.


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