Dig, Defend, or Die

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Dig, Defend, or Die (World Wide Event 2018)
Product information
Type Scenario Pack (PDF)
Development Alex Kaempen
Primary writing Alex Kaempen
Pages 15
Interior artwork Anthony Scroggins
Matt Plog
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code E-CAT35WWE18
First published 2018
Era Dark Age Era
Timeline 8 April 3087
Series Worldwide Event
Followed by Requiem for a Blue Star

Dig, Defend, or Die was the 2018 Worldwide Event for BattleTech. Though the event was developed and run under the auspices of the Catalyst Demo Team, the scenarios and custom maps (Map Pack: WWE2018 Terrain Set) were subsequently offered as free downloads in PDF format by Catalyst Game Labs via their webstore. Both free products were also sold as part of a WWE 2018 bundle with Touring the Stars: Stotzing and Spotlight on: First Marik Protectors.


Being published directly via CGL (and given a CGL product code) marks the Dig, Defend, or Die scenario booklet fully canonical. Furthermore, it has expressly been confirmed as canon by Assistant Line Developer Ray "Adrian Gideon" Arrastia.[1]


The file includes one classic BattleTech (boardgame) scenario ("Nightcrawlers") and one Alpha Strike scenario ("Getting to the Dropper").


Just over a year after the discovery of the lost Star League era colony of Alt-Eisenstadt on Stotzing in 3085, the Green Ghosts suddenly attack the archaeologists and historians at the dig site, intent on a surgical strike against the dig site building. The 1st Marik Protectors and Stotzing Militia brought a defending force of roughly equal strength. The battle is a nighttime scenario under (optional, but strongly encouraged) "Full Moon" and "Searchlight" rules/conditions.

Getting to the Dropper[edit]

In this Alpha Strike scenario the defending forces attempt to cut off the raiders' retreat to their Colossus-class DropShip as they cross a hill line en route to their dropzone.

Publisher's Description[edit]

From the CGL webstore:

Stotzing was not an easy planet to settle. The first colony, Eisenstadt, failed after less than a decade and its location was lost to historians for almost five centuries. The final throes of The Jihad caused the announcement of the discovery to be relegated to the small number of archaeologists and historians interested in lost colonies. But there was one other group that caught wind of this discovery—the Green Ghosts.

Dig Defend or Die was the 2018 BattleTech World Wide Event depicting the clash between the Green Ghosts and the First Marik Defenders. Includes the Total Warfare and Alpha Strike scenario as well as the final results of the event.


  • Preface and 2018 World Wide Event results table
  • Nightcrawlers (Scenario)
  • Get to the Dropper (Scenario)
  • Getting to the Dropper Battlefield Layout
  • Green Ghosts Forces Table
  • Free Worlds League (Forces Table)


  • There is no attribution for the cover artwork.
  • The Dig, Defend, or Die scenario booklet as published by CGL contains some tweaks to address perceived issues that surfaced during the event playthrough. For the purpose of Canon, the PDF edition published by CGL is the authoritative version of the event.

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