Dispossessed Cooperative

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Logo of Dispossessed Cooperative
Dispossessed Cooperative
Team Profile
Founding Year 3049
Sport Mech Dueling
League Solaris Games
Affiliation None
Home Solaris VII
Colors Black & Red; the skull of an Atlas weeping blood against a red field


The Dispossessed Cooperative stable on Solaris VII is a community of MechWarriors sworn to help each other in a time of crisis.[citation needed]


The Cooperative was created in 3049 by several MechWarriors who, individually, could not break into the main circuit. After a very good start, the Cooperative's leader tried to form a global alliance of all cooperatives in Solaris. This movement gained the Cooperative several stables as enemies, and ended with his disappearance.[citation needed]


Notable Personnel[edit]


The Techs of the Cooperative are of the veteran/elite level.[citation needed]


In 3051, 30 MechWarriors were fighting for Dispossessed Cooperative.[2]

In 3067, 36 MechWarriors were fighting for Dispossessed Cooperative.[1]

Known MechWarriors[edit]

MechWarrior Era Comments References
Daniel Morrison Clan Invasion
Civil War
Dispossessed Cooperative StableMaster [2]
Chantelle Wastscott Civil War Dispossessed Cooperative StableMaster [1]
Grover Neste [citation needed]


The Dispossessed Cooperative's main complex is located in Burgton.[citation needed]

Tactics and Style[edit]

The Cooperative is not known for strong team-ship. The team is known to prefer aiming for the opponents' legs (even at the cost of failed shots), in order to get a salvageable 'Mech.[1]

Known 'Mechs[edit]

Notable 'Mechs:

'Mech Bay (for common usage/rent)

Stable Characteristics[edit]

  • Experience = Veteran in 3067[1]
  • Rating = C in 3067[1]
  • BattleMech = 19 in 3051 and 17 in 3067


  • In 3054, the standard contract had a 750 C-bills initiation fee and 20% percent of the earnings.[2]
  • In 3067, the standard contract had a 950 C-bills initiation fee and 30% percent of the earnings.[1]


Game Rules[edit]

The Stable, as of 3067, has access to D-rated equipment.

The Dispossessed's MechWarriors may elect to aim low by accepting a +2 to-hit penalty for all attack weapons. When aiming low, the hits are resolved using the Kick Locations Table.[3]


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