MapPack: Solaris VII

Classic BattleTech MapPack Solaris VII.jpg
Classic BattleTech: MapPack Solaris VII
Product information
Type Map Set,
Development Herbert A. Beas II
Primary writing Herbert A. Beas II
Pages 64
Cover Artwork Doug Chaffee
Illustrations Chris Lewis
Publication information
Publisher FanPro
Product code FPR35002
First published 2004
ISBN-10 1-932564-29-2
Era FedCom Civil War
Series Map Pack
Preceded by Map Set Compilation 2


This was a map compilation and rerelease of all Solaris VII arenas. This included all ten the major arena maps for Solaris VII and a sourcebook for Solaris VII. The Source includes updated information on the current state of the game, stables for game year 3067. It also includes Roleplaying information as well as instruction on how to create and run Solaris matches/scenarios.


BattleTech Maps[edit]


  • Introduction
    • MechWarrior Third Edition (Note)
  • The Game World Revisited
    • Welcome to Solaris!
      • Let the Games Begin!
      • The Solaris Watchman
      • A Little Something for the Consumer
      • First Time on Solaris?
  • Rules
    • Overlapping Abilities and Advantages
    • Optional Solaris Arena Rule: Crowd Participation
    • Stable-Specific Rules
    • Solaris Arenas
      • Non-BattleMech Matches
      • Surrender
    • Boreal Reach (Davion Arena)
    • The Factory (Marik Arena)
    • Ishiyama (Kurita Arena)
    • The Jungle (Liao Arena)
    • Steiner Coliseum (Steiner Arena)
    • Hardford Gardens (Reaches Arena, Xolara)
    • King of the Mountain (Reaches Arena, Xolara)
    • The Scrap Yard (Reaches Arena, Burgton)
    • The Pool (Reaches Arena, Brackton Swamp)
    • The Mud Pit (Reaches Arena, Roland Fields)


Some of the new equipment list (originally produced for the BattleTech Revised Rules) would later be changed from the Rules Level 1 / Advanced / Experimental technology ratings to standard equipment for normal use in later era(s) of the universe.

After appearing in this book, all equipment was later revised and included in Total Warfare book's third core book, Tactical Operations. Some equipment functions and abilities may have changed from this publication.

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