Donegal Broadcasting Company

Donegal Broadcasting Company
Corporation Profile
Headquarters: Media City (Donegal)
Leadership: President
Products: News
Division(s) Commonwealth Press

Considered for centuries the Lyran Commonwealth's most trusted name in news, the Donegal Broadcasting Company and its print subsidiary Commonwealth Press are the single largest news and information outlet in the Lyran realm.[1][2][3][4]


DBC and CP are both located in Media City on Donegal.[1][2][3][4]

Donegal Broadcasting Company[edit]

Initially founded shortly after the formation of the Lyran Commonwealth, DBC's has reporters and cameramen stationed on every Lyran world as well as a virtual army of "roving reporters" across the Inner Sphere, its news printed and broadcast through the Lyran realm, nearly every independent station carrying the company's morning and nightly news programs. While many outsiders long considered DBC's stories highly opinionated and biased toward the Lyran government and the Steiner family, the company's virtual submission to Archon Katherine Steiner-Davion's propaganda machine during the worst days of the FedCom Civil War tarnished DBC's near spotless image among the Lyran people.[1][3]

The company's more notable programs include "The Evening News", the most widely watched new program in the Lyran realm. The anchor of the show in the circa 3025 Karl Andersen was the single most recognizable personality in the Lyran Commonwealth at the time, and was both so well regarded and pervasive that even his harshest critics would agree he could convince people to believe even the most outlandish statements.[1]

On 5 July 3132, under CEO Albrecht Stanton and with support from both the Lyrans and the Republic of the Sphere, the Donegal Broadcasting Company entered a partnership with the Republic Broadcasting Service. The deal included preferential access to each other's programs, as well as plans for collaboration in news and sports coverage.[5]

Notable DBC Shows[edit]

Commonwealth Press[edit]

Commonwealth Press Company Logo

Company Profile[edit]

Commonwealth Stock Exchange Symbol: ComPrs[2][4]

President/CEO: Arthur C. Koura, Landgrave of Stimson Valley (circa 3025),[2] Ruth Kirkland (circa 3067)[4]

Commonwealth Press Profile[edit]

Founded in 2981 by Arthur Koura, a disenchanted former member of the Lyran Commonwealth's Propaganda Corps, around the remains of several news services on Donegal, Commonwealth Press is a division of the mammoth DBC, effectively the print version of the holovid parent. CP also shares its parent company's expansive reach, with fully staffed offices on all the major and notable worlds of the Lyran realm.[2][4]

As with many companies, upon the collapse of the Federated Commonwealth and the formation of the Lyran Alliance, Commonwealth Press renamed itself "Alliance Press" as a sign of support for new Archon Katherine Steiner-Davion. While historically pro–Estates General in its reporting, the "new" Alliance Press increasingly aligned itself with Katherine and her propaganda apparatus which resulted in a sharp drop in both sales and ratings in response to the increasingly biased and deceptive reporting demanded by Katherine and her cronies as the FedCom Civil War turned hot.[3][4]

Desperate to regain the public's trust, after the conclusion the Civil War the company returned to its original name of Commonwealth Press and instigated a massive personnel shakeup from the boardroom down to lowly anchorpersons to try and eliminate pro-Katherine taint. The move was moderately successful, though the loss of personnel in the wake of the reorganization resulted in it being scooped by competitors such as the Tharkad Broadcasting Corporation.[3][4]


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