Elizabeth Steiner (29th c.)

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Elizabeth Steiner
Character Profile
Born 20 January 2840[1]
Died 2895
Affiliation House Steiner
Profession Archon
Parents Claudius Steiner (father)
Rebecca Morgan (mother)
Children Eric Steiner[2]

Elizabeth Steiner was the twenty-third Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth.[3]


Lyran refugees arrived in Hanseatic League space in the late twenty-ninth century as a direct result of Archon Elizabeth Steiner's Military Disaster Order.


Elizabeth would die peacefully in her sleep.[2]


Peace? I'd like to think so. I hope we're not just giving our morticians and gravediggers a chance to catch their breaths.
  — Archon Elizabeth Steiner, on The Morning News Hour, Donegal Broadcasting Company, January 3, 2864[4]
Who can say what passes through an assassin's mind as he or she readies to commit the deed. I only hope that Snow Fire had a few sweet memories to comfort her in the last moments of her own life.
  — From My Time at the Helm, by Elizabeth Steiner, Commonwealth Historical Press, 2890[5]


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