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The most common and best known JumpShip types are the Invader and the slightly less common Merchant. The Monolith has the best DropShip capacity (9) of all civilian JumpShips and also of most WarShips; only the huge Potemkin class troop cruiser can carry more DropShips (an unmatched 25).

As of 3055, approximately 3,000 JumpShips were said to operate in the Inner Sphere[1] (up from some 2,000 in 3025).[2] However, this has been dismissed in recent publications[3] as being inadequate to meet the observed shipping of bulk goods in the Inner Sphere, and off by one or two orders of magnitude.

JumpShips nearly became LosTech after the First Succession War, which was a large driver for the move away from total warfare, as the loss of the ability to produce and repair these ships would end interstellar civilization. However as a result of the large scale loss of facilities and the prioritization of military projects, production capability is minuscule compared to during the Star League era, and there were almost no new designs introduced from the beginning of the Succession Wars until after the discovery of the Helm Memory Core. The supposed total number of JumpShips produced per year in all of the Inner Sphere combined as of 3025 was given as "about twelve"[4] but this may have been in error.

Known JumpShip classes include (sorted alphabetically):

Name Tonnage Year Tech Base Collars Grav Decks L-F Battery Notes
Aquilla 100,000 2148 Inner Sphere 0 0 No Primitive JumpShip, only capable of 15 light-years per jump. The lack of Docking Collars forced it to rely on onboard Small Craft for passenger and cargo transit.[5]
Bright Star Auto Scout 60,000 2539 Inner Sphere 0 0 No Automated scout JumpShip, intended to explore and chart star systems. A one-off, it left its planned ten-jump course and disappeared from known space.[6]
Chimeisho 245,000 3056 Inner Sphere 2 1 (95 Meters) Yes Reminiscent of the Star League-era Tramp class, built by the Draconis Combine and initially purchased by the DCMS.[7]
Comitatus 250,000 3035 Clan 1 1 (95 meters) No Fighter carrier Clan Jade Falcon JumpShip created by modifying a flawed Clan Snow Raven design for an armed freighter originally conceived in 2995. Meant to defend jump points in the fashion of a light WarShip.[8]
Conestoga 700,000 2310 Inner Sphere 0 4 (250 meters) No Primitive JumpShip that used DropShuttles and Small Craft to convey passengers and cargo. Extinct in the Inner Sphere from 2600, but examples survived in the Deep Periphery until the 30th Century.[9]
Explorer 50,000 2703 Inner Sphere 0 1 (80 meters) No Introduced at the height of the Star League as a touring craft to ferry VIPs and the wealthy elite, the Explorer class is the smallest JumpShip design still functional (though not in common use) in the modern Inner Sphere. Unarmed and unable to carry DropShips, it relies on Small Craft for interplanetary transit, but includes a Grav Deck.[10]
Hunter 95,000 2832 Clan 1 0 No Clan Ghost Bear scout JumpShip meant to seek out enemy fleets or explore new systems, featuring a tiny emergence signature and an onboard HPG. The lack of a Grav Deck limits typical deployments to no more than six months.[11]
Invader 152,000 2631 Inner Sphere 3 1 (65 Meters) No The most common JumpShip in the Inner Sphere, featuring a pair of hydroponic garden domes.[12]
Leviathan 410,000 2468 Inner Sphere 8 2 (90 meters) No Early-model JumpShip, popular with crews and passengers and well-equipped, easy to repair and maintain. However, it proved an easy target for pirates and was eventually supplanted by later large JumpShip designs.[13]
Liberty 203,000 2461 Inner Sphere 4 1 (45 meters) No The first "modern" JumpShip, i.e. the first one designed to make use of the newly developed hardpoint/docking collar technology which has since become a defining feature of JumpShip construction. Still somewhat primitive, now very rare, but not extinct.[14], [15]
Magellan 175,000 2960 Inner Sphere 1 0 Yes Produced for the ComStar Explorer Corps as a long-range vessel with heavy fuel bunkerage and armor and weapons loadout. Mounts an HPG and a Lithium-Fusion Battery as standard equipment, along with high-technology medical facilities. However, the lack of a Grav Deck poses problems to crew health and morale.[16],[17]
Merchant 120,000 2503 Inner Sphere 2 1 (40 meters) No Interstellar freight JumpShip, often co-opted for military use, typically entirely unarmed.[18]
Monolith 430,000 2776 Inner Sphere 9 2 (105 meters) No The largest class of civilian JumpShip ever built, using a unique system of docking collars mounted on arms arranged in three groups that form rings down the vessel's spine and allow the vessel to accommodate even the largest DropShips.[19]
Odyssey 345,000 2887 Clan 4 2 (110 meters) Yes A large and well-armed transporter that also features a Lithium-Fusion Battery.[20]
Quetzalcoatl 90,000 2876 Inner Sphere 0 0 No Began as a field refit variant of the Scout-class and is therefore also known as the Quetzalcoatl-Scout; it has since come to be regarded as a class of its own. Rather than Docking Hardpoints, it features fighter bays, technically making it a Jolly Roger. Lacks a Grav Deck like the Scout class, but shares the known advantages: a tiny emergence signature, a faster quick-recharge rate for the K-F Drive, faster jump sail deployment, 0.2g acceleration, an up-to-date medical bay and bridge, and backup generators for the life support system.[21]
Scout (JumpShip class) 90,000 2712 Inner Sphere 1 0 No Smallest JumpShip class still in common use. Lacking a Grav Deck and with only one hardpoint, it is primarily used for military operations or exploration instead of commercial use. [22]
Star Lord 274,000 2590 Inner Sphere 6 1 (110 meters) No Second-largest JumpShip class ever constructed, almost exclusively used by militaries, large megacorporations, and large mercenary units.[23]
Tramp 250,000 2754 Inner Sphere 3 1 (140 meters) No Relatively rare, but well-armed enough to be used as a trader in the "wilder" parts of the Periphery.[24]
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