Evelena Haskell

Evelena Haskell
Died 3068
Affiliation 21st Centauri Lancers
Children Michael Haskell

Evelena Haskell (b. ? - d. 3068) was the commanding officer of the 21st Centauri Lancers.[1]


Under contract to the Free Worlds League during the Operation GUERRERO, the 21st Centauri Lancers were loaned to the Capellan Confederation in 3057, under the command of fellow mercenary unit McCarron's Armored Cavalry on Hsien. Following several particularly bloody engagements with the Second FedCom RCT, the Lancers began to feel they were being minimalized by all parties, and Thomas Marik in particular. They decided to close their nearly forty year contract with the League and seek employment elsewhere. Evelena Haskell's message announcing their availability, sent through a Word of Blake HPG station to the Hiring Hall on Outreach, was delivered to Blake Precentor William Blane, who was also aware ComStar was actively seeking a mercenary unit to replace the garrison on Terra recently left open with the departure of Brion's Legion.[2]

This knowledge was used to surreptitiously lead ComStar to hire the Lancers for that five-year contract in November 3057, to begin at the beginning of 3058. The First and Sixth Word of Blake Divisions arrived on the Lancers' base world of Nestor prior to the unit's own return, capturing the unit's dependents, shipping them off to Gibson and securing the Lancers' base. Precentor Suzanne Mulvanery explained to Haskell that all she had to do was keep the Lancers quiet for the foreseeable future; in return the Lancers would not be attacked and their families would be protected. Haskell agreed to the terms. Mulvanery assumed Haskell's identity for the leadup to Operation Odysseus.[2]

Following a post-Odysseus vindication by the Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission, whereby the Lancers were excused for their apparent complicity in the Blakist attack, they accepted a ComStar contract to operate as an opposing force for training units on Tukayyid. Haskell had been attempting to prepare Lt. Colonel Ryan Searcy for command of the unit, by teaching him the value of "big picture" strategy and the wisdom of leading from behind, when appropriate. [1][3]

Haskell was killed in 3068, along with over five hundred civilian dependents, by Word of Blake WarShips orbiting the planet seeking out any ComStar or mercenary remnants.[3]

Colonel Evelena Haskell was a fearsome on the battlefield, she was known for her honesty and integrity off of it, offering fair treatment to prisoners and swift retribution for any betrayal.[4] Her son, Michael, showed no interest in continuing the family legacy.[5]


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