Suzanne Mulvanery

Suzanne Mulvanery
Died 6 June 3061[1]
Affiliation ComStar
Word of Blake


Suzanne Mulvanery was a Precentor within Comstar who raised to command the 167th Division after the Battle of Tukayyid until her defection to Word of Blake.[2]


On 6th June 3061 while on his way to a memorial service to commemorate the anniversary of Primus Myndo Waterly’s death, Trent Arian and his aide, Suzanne, were killed instantly by a car bomb.[1] While Word of Blake investigators tracked the explosive device to ComGuard insurgents, members of the Sixth of June performed the assassination to allow Arian’s rival and their fellow Sixth of June member Cameron St. Jamais to be appointed Precentor Martial in his place. [3] [4]


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