Edelle Kearny

Edelle Kearny
Affiliation ComStar
Profession Adept

Character History[edit]

Edelle Kearny was an Adept of the Com Guard 201st Division.

When the Word of Blake launched Operation ODYSSEUS, her division was the main security force for North America, and the Shadow Lancers targeted their base at Salina, Kansas as a priority target once the Blakists launched their assault against Hilton Head. Despite their numerical superiority, WoB Precentor Suzanne Mulvanery opted for a surprise attack, with a pair of Lancer fighters requesting emergency landing clearance before dropping two J91 Fuel-Air Explosive devices on the base, destroying the 201st's command staff and killing or injuring almost half its combat-ready troops. It was then that Adept Edelle Kearny rallied the survivors of the 201st against the Blakists, and led the remaining twenty-two BattleMechs of the 201st in a withdrawing action under the cover of a raging blizzard and then broke through the encircling Blakist forces to head toward the Gunnison Castle Brian in the Rocky Mountains. [1] [2] [3]

She led the remnants of 201st's Alpha and Beta IV's, which fought a number of rearguard actions at Sharon Springs, Ordway and Pueblo as the Shadow Lancers pursued them, [4] until their luck ran out by March 2nd. Harried by the Blakist forces through the Front Range, the 201st's survivors succeeded in reaching the Gunnison Castle Brian only to discover they could not enter, having been under attack and unaware of the Blakist computer lock-down of Com Guard facilities. Trapped in a box canyon, the 201st found themselves caught between the Shadow Lancers and Blakist reinforcements moving down from Washington state. While a number of Com Guard 'Mechs were able to flee, the bulk were destroyed, with the 201st effectively ceasing to exist as a unit, signalling the end of the Com Guards' battle for North America. [5] [6] [7]

Those remnants of the 201st that survived Operation Odysseus launched a guerrilla war against the Blakist occupation of Terra, with the Rigel Kent based 283rd Division serving to resupply them. Even with her court-martial of several Blakist agents discovered in her unit, after the 283rd's CO Precentor Christine Reardon openly opposed the selection of Victor Steiner-Davion as the new Precentor Martial, resupply of the survivors of the 201st was shifted to the New Earth based 34th Division. [8]

At least some elements of the 201st, most notably Edelle Kearny, would survive until the Devlin Stone led Operation SCOUR reached Terra in 3078. [9]


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