Grover Shraplen

Grover Shraplen
Grover Shraplen
Died1 May 3074[1][2]
AffiliationHouse Shraplen
Governor of MacLeod's Land[3]
ChildrenMarilla Shraplen

Grover Shraplen was Protector of the Taurian Concordat and ruler of MacLeod's Land.


Grover Shraplen first rose to political prominence as a noble Lord and ruler of MacLeod's Land. Politically aligned with Thomas Calderon, after Thomas was deposed by Jeffrey Calderon, Shraplen had deep misgivings about Jeffrey Calderon's reformist policies and started actively politicking against them.

After Jeffrey Calderon was killed during the abortive rebellion of the New Colony Region, Shraplen was elevated to Protector.

Shraplen, believing that the Federated Suns were responsible for the death of Jeffrey Calderon, immediately reached out to Sun-Tzu Liao and led the Taurian Concordat's full participation in the burgeoning alliance with the Magistracy of Canopus and Capellan Confederation that would later become known as the Trinity Alliance.

Death and afterward[edit]

Shraplen died in an asteroid strike that destroyed the Taurian capital city of Samantha on the 1st of May 3074.[1][2] His legacy will remain mixed; he was Protector for some major events including the acceptance of the Trinity Alliance pact and membership into the newly reborn Star League. However, there were less beneficial events during his term as Protector; the war with the Federated Suns to secure the Pleiades Cluster has had dire consequences for the military, industry and infrastructure of the entire nation.


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