House Tamar

House Tamar
Died out 2505
Affiliation Tamar Pact
Lyran Commonwealth

House Tamar where the founders of the Tamar Pact and later Lyran Commonwealth.



A family of Pakistani-American heritage, the Tamars built a power base on their agricultural resources and a strong foundation of military training. Forming the Tamar Pact in 2235. This pact was bordered by the planets of Suk II, Fatima and Nox.[1] Formed primarily for defense, it was successful in helping its merchants fend off pirate attacks. In the years following the Exodus, several other planets would be added, including Tamar, named for the Pact's founding family, and Arcturus, which would eventually become the original capital for the Lyran Commonwealth.

In 2271, the first Terran Hegemony member-state was formed in the form of the Free Worlds League. The Federated Suns and Draconis Combine soon followed. There was inevitable pressure on the Tamar Pact to form such a state themselves with their neighbors, the Protectorate of Donegal and the Federation of Skye. The three had much in common, as all three pacts were built upon providing defense to maintain their extensive merchant trading. The Tamars feared that the Draconis Combine would soon look to expand its borders at the Tamar Pact's expense, so they certainly had a strong motivation to take part in such an alliance. In 2339, Kevin Tamar formally proposed unification with his counterparts from Skye and Donegal. Meeting on Arcturus in 2340, they eventually hammered out a tentative agreement based loosely on the system the Greeks used to rule their city-states. They adopted the name the "Lyran Commonwealth" for their new state, and they were recognized by the Hegemony at the start of the following year. Though the early years were difficult for the nascent Commonwealth, with a unstable economy and talk of secession, it eventually persevered. [2]

The Age of War and Downfall[edit]

The Age of War was not kind to the Tamar Pact, as many of its planets fell to the Draconis Combine. By 2445, a full fifth of the Pact was under Kuritan rule. [3] Later during the reign of Archon Margaret Olsen, the machinations of the Duke of Tamar resulted in a civil war which finally ended in battle on Tamar in 2505, when the new Archon Robert Steiner stripped the Tamar family of its titles and rank. It was here that House Kelswa came into power, and they held the Dukedom of Tamar for the next six-and-a-half centuries. [4] Indeed, the Kelswas had long been an important and loyal family within the Pact, with Prime Minister Davis Kelswa in power as early as 2364. [5]

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