Joseph Stewart

Joseph Stewart
Character Profile
Born 2368
Died 2431
Affiliation House Stewart
Rank Captain[1]
Title(s) Earl of Stewart
Position Captain-General

Joseph Stewart was the tenth Captain-General of the Free Worlds League.[2]


Stewart was Captain-General Peter Marik's deputy during the conflict against the Lyran Commonwealth of the 2410s. At the end of that conflict, Peter disobeyed Parliament to capture the rich mining world of Rochelle. In 2420, the Commonwealth invaded the League, partially to reclaim Rochelle, so Parliament asked Peter Marik to again serve as Captain-General. They were stunned when he refused, citing Parliament's interference with previous campaigns, especially the War Powers Act. Parliament asked Stewart to serve instead, marking the second and final time a Captain-General came from outside House Marik.[2][3][4]

While Stewart was a respected general, he was a failure as a Captain-General; an able field commander in past planetary campaigns, he lacked the grasp of strategy needed for interstellar warfare. He misjudged the Lyran attack and lost Amity and Danais, and the Free Worlds League forces were then routed in the Concord system. The League was lucky that the Lyrans were distracted by a simultaneous conflict with the Draconis Combine, for they were forced to turn their attention to their second front and were unable to capitalize on Stewart's tenure.[2][3][4]


Joseph Stewart was so inept as a Captain-General that he convinced Parliament only a Marik could serve in the post.[3]

Joseph later became the Earl of Stewart, serving from 2430 to 2461.[2]


Joseph Stewart is reported to have been Duke of Stewart until 2461, yet he died in 2431, also of note is the hereditary title used by the Stewart family is Earl not Duke.[2]


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