Peter Marik (24th c.)

This article is about the 9th Captain-General of the Free Worlds League. For the 12th Captain-General, see Peter Marik (25th c.).
Peter Marik I
Character Profile
Born 2348
Died 9 May 2422[1]
Affiliation House Marik
Rank Captain-General
Parents Allan Marik (father)
Siblings John Marik
Children Bruce Marik
Terrence Marik
Dinah Marik
Peter Marik II

Peter Marik was the ninth Captain-General of the Free Worlds League. Peter was the son of Allan Marik.[2]

Peter was arrogant, "aggressive and determined". He preferred campaigning in the field to life as a Member of Parliament.[3][4]


Peter Marik succeeded his father as Captain-General after Allan's death in a DropShip accident. Peter's first term ended after only two years, so he returned to life as an MP. In 2396 Parliament recognized the need for a Captain-General to deal with the Capellan Confederation. Peter was again named to the post, and he vowed not to return until he had solved "the Andurien question".[5][3]

First Andurien War[edit]

In 2398, the Capellan Confederation, under the leadership of Chancellor Kurnath Liao, declared war of the Free Worlds League. The Chancellor's stated goal was to reclaim Andurien. This was the beginning of the First Andurien War and the start of the Age of War. As the war escalated, popular sentiment turned against it.[5][3]

In 2401, Peter lost the fight for Kwamashu. Hered Selaj attempted to use this defeat to seize the Captain-Generalcy for himself. Herad was unsuccessful because Peter learned from his defeat. He led his forces past systems occupied by the Capellans and pushed toward the capital of the Confederation, Sian. His goal was to eventually seize Capella itself. Peter's gambit paid off when Capellan troops abandoned Mosiro and Lopez. Peter's forces decimated the defenders of Sian. Chancellor Aleisha Liao sued for peace in 2404.[3][5]

Ares Conventions[edit]

Peter added his signature to the Ares Conventions in 2412. Suggested by Aleisha Liao, the Conventions placed restraints on warfare to limit collateral damage. While Peter supported the measure, he also recognized the real changes the document brought. Peter knew that limiting warfare made it a more palatable option, "ensur[ing] that every man, woman and child in the Inner Sphere reside[d] beneath the specter of warfare."[4][6][7]

Trouble with Parliament[edit]

Peter was a successful military leader. He enlarged the Free Worlds League at the expense of the Capellans and the Lyran Commonwealth. He was not, however, good at relating to Parliament. Parliament did not trust the Captain-General and sought to control him. Their first measures were to withhold moneys. The followed up in 2413 by creating an oversight committee for Peter's office. This would not be enough for them.[4][8]

In 2416 the Lyrans invaded Dieudonné. After a brief lapse, Parliament was forced to reinstate Peter as Captain-General. The Marik led a defensive campaign on Dieudonné and ejected the Lyrans from the system. Peter followed up with an offensive campaign that added several worlds to the League. Parliament, ostensibly concerned about the costs, ordered Peter to halt so that they would not have to make the unpopular decision to raise taxes. Peter did stop, but not before he also conquered Rochelle. Peter wanted the mining resources on the world, even though he thought it might endanger peace because of its importance to the Commonwealth. Nevertheless, Peter agreed to a ceasefire with the Lyrans in 2418. With the immediate danger in the past, Parliament passed the War Powers Act, a law that restricted the power of the Captain-General. To add insult to injury, the act also censured Peter Marik.[4][8]

When the Lyrans again attacked in 2420, partially because they wanted to liberate Rochelle, Parliament turned to Peter Marik. Much to their surprise and dismay, Peter refused to serve with the War Powers Act in effect. He also called for eliminating the oversight committee. Parliament refused and appointed Joseph Stewart instead. One of Peter's generals, Stewart was nevertheless unprepared to lead the entire Free Worlds League Military. His failure was mitigated only by the fact that the Lyrans were fighting a two-front war and could not follow up on their initial success.[4][8]

Death and Afterward[edit]

His position clear and the alternative disastrous, Peter seemed to have won in his battle against Parliament. He entered Parliament on 9 May 2422, confident of his success against the Selaj family, architects of the War Powers Act. When he left the building, an assassin shot and killed Peter Marik. The Selajs were suspected, but their involvement could not be proven. It would take another war and another Marik to repeal the War Powers Act.[4][8]

Marriage and Children[edit]

Peter Marik had at least two children; his first son, Bruce, died during a raid against the Lyran world of Rahne in 2405. His second son, Terrence, would later serve as the 12th Captain-General of the Free Worlds League.[9]


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