Kwamashu Incident

Battle of Kwamashu
Part of Sixth Andurien War
Start Date 7 February 3138
Location Breezewood
Planet Kwamashu
Oriente Protectorate
Duchy of Andurien
Commanders and leaders
Ivan Casson Colonel Daum
Forces involved
Eagle's Talons Kwamashu Militia


On February 7th, 3138, a massive explosion occurred on the world of Kwamashu[1] during a raid by the Oriente Protectorate's elite battalion, the Eagle’s Talons. The explosion was centered on the target of the raid - reportedly a BattleMech assembly planet which had been put on-line by the Duchy of Andurien. As the Talons entered the plant, an explosion occurred and the subsequent toxic fallout spread across the city of Breezewood in a matter of hours. The cloud continued to spread across the world, killing the majority of the planetary population within weeks and rendering the planet barely habitable for decades to come.

News of the disaster quickly spread throughout the Inner Sphere via civilian footage.

The event triggered war between the Oriente Protectorate and the Duchy that lasted several months.[2]


The Oriente Protectorate became aware the explosion had been pre-planned and triggered by outside agents.[3] Warden Thaddeus Marik made a discovery on the occupied Andurien world of Mosiro, finding authentic footage of rescue teams blaming Oriente for triggering the explosion rather than Andurien.[4]

Secretly, a Ghost Knight of the Republic of the Sphere, created the rumors of an assembly plant being built in Breezewood and seeded two sets of "authentic" footage blaming both the Oriente Protectorate and Duchy of Andurien for the disaster.[5] It is not known if the identities of those responsible for the doctored footage were ever found.


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