Mauser and Gray Firearms

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Mauser and Gray Firearms
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Company Logo
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Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Donegal
Primary Products Weapons

Mauser and Gray Fire Arms is a personal firearms manufactured based principally on the Lyran Commonwealth world of Donegal.


The company was founded by Johann Mauser and Herschel Gray in 2319 on Donegal. The company was founded for purposes of producing personal firearms for the consumer market. The company's aim was to manufacture personal arms in light of uncertain times after the collapse of the Terran Alliance in 2315.[1]

Though the ensuing years, the company grew from personal weaponry manufacture to an interstellar corporation, with branches in every major nation, including the Terran Hegemony. Its factory on Mars produced advanced weaponry for the SLDF exclusively.[1]

The Succession Wars era was hard on the company, with all its branch offices destroyed save the Donegal plant itself.[1]

In the 31st Century the corporation began developing new weapons with the discovery of the Helm Memory Core.


In 3067 the company's CEO is Graf Arturo Gray of Horrelsburg.[1]

List of Products Produced by Mauser & Gray[edit]

  • Mauser 960 - Star League Defense Force standard issue Rifle using Star League technology. Produced originally at the former M&G plant on Mars.[1]
  • Firedrake - incendiary support weapon - The needler came into use in 3060s for Infantry & Battle Armor Squads.


Despite its success, there have development of newer weapons using the Mauser name. No information regarding if the M&G benefits from these newer produces.

Included the Word of Blake's Mauser 1200 Light Support System and the Clan's Mauser IIC Infantry Assault System.


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