MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat/Patrol on Mannedorf

Patrol on Mannedorf[edit]


Mercenary ‘Mechs have been identified in Mannedorf’s orbit. Your mission is to patrol the eastern perimeter of the listening post. A scout has detected an approaching snow storm. Beware: inclement weather can make familiar territory unrecognizable. Follow your NAV POINT sequence and destroy all enemy units.


Primary: Destroy all enemy units


We suspect another mercenary DropShip in orbit around Mannedorf. Yours is the only ‘Mech not in repair. Patrol the eastern sector, and be ready for battle.


The HPG uplink has been installed, but a second mercenary attack is expected. You are to scout the area surrounding the base and destroy any enemy ‘Mechs.

Mannedorf is covered in reflective ice, but visibility is hampered all the more severely during the frequent blizzards that rage on the surface of the planet. This may work to your advantage against mercenaries, as the children of the Ghost Bear are inclined to this climate.


Base: Base to 72nd Patrol. The mercenaries have return and have us pinned down with S-PPCs. They are located near NAV GAMMA on your patrol route. We cannot send any units to aid you, Patrol.

Base: Base to 72nd Patrol. We are picking up two mercenary ‘Mechs coming in from the south. One looks like an Assault ‘Mech, 72nd.

Base: Hold on, 72nd Patrol. Reinforcements are on the way.


Planet Ardoz - Inside Ghost Bear Territory

A DropShip with Combine markings descends towards building labeled “Genetic Material Storage – Authorized Personnel” in rocky crater on the night side.

Clan OmniMechs painted with Combine insignia drop from the ship and attack the Ghost Bear garrison.


Transmission: Khan Kabrinski

Your Khan now calls you to action!


You successfully repelled the mercenaries. Their filth will not spread into our domain.

During the battle, word has come from Ardoz, an interior planet within the area of the Inner Sphere planets we control. In a sneak attack, Draconis Combine ‘Mechs have stolen the genetic material of Sandra Tseng and Hans Jorgensson, the illustrious founders of Clan Ghost Bear. This grievous assault on our honor and dignity must be avenged immediately.


There has been a dramatic increase of tectonic activity on Porthos, a Ghost Bear base planet, which held the repositories containing the genetic material of Clan Ghost Bear’s founders. In the midst of devastating earthquakes and volcanoes, the planet has hurriedly evacuated. Given the current situation, it was decided to move the material forward to the Inner Sphere ahead of schedule.

Draconis Combine ‘Mechs dropped onto Ardoz shortly after the repository was constructed, and engaged the defenders in dishonorable battle. The Draconis Combine ‘mechs destroyed the defending units and stole the genetic material of Tseng and Jorgensson.

All but a few members of the Warrior Caste are Trueborn, genetically created from the genes of the most heroic warriors of the past, so that each successive generation will be stronger than the last. Only a small number of the greatest warriors are permitted to add their genes to those which created them. These are the Bloodnamed.

The loss of this genetic material is a significant blow. As we prepare to assist the Inner Sphere in the forging of its destiny, we need as many strong warriors as we can produce.

The affront to the honor of our Clan is as devastating as the threat to our future. This is a deed of such gravity that none must know our shame. Haste is of the essence. We must recover the genetic material before the other Clans know of our loss. If our enemies discover our weakness, they will surely strike against us.

Your Trinary will be among those given the chance to join in the quest for vengeance. You will now face another Trinary in a battle for the privilege of hunting down those who have violated Clan Ghost Bear.