MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat/Trial on Alshain 3

Trial on Alshain[edit]


  • Planet: Alshain
  • Terrain: Muddy Snow
  • Time: Day
  • Temperature: 0 C

Your commander deems you worthy of advancing. You are on Alshain, where you once more face a Trial of Position. You will be alone, facing three ‘Mechs. Destroy as many as possible.

If you wish, you may choose a new ‘Mech again.


  • Primary: Destroy one ‘Mech to advance one rank
  • Secondary: Destroy two ‘Mechs to advance two ranks
  • Tertiary: Destroy three ‘Mechs to advance three ranks


TRANSMISSION: CAPTAIN FITZSIMMONS: All right, MechWarrior, since we are on Alshain anyway, I put in for a Trial of Position for you. You earned it.


When Nicholas Kerensky established the Clans and their hierarchy, he constructed them such that, in order to continue advancing in rank, a warrior must continually prove him- or herself. This keeps warriors in prime fighting condition and ensures that each warrior appreciates the arduous and admirable path to glory.

This Trial of Position shows that your commanders recognize your valor in battle. Now, you are offered the chance to advance in the chain of command.

The number of ‘Mechs you destroy will determine your new rank. If you fail to destroy any, you will retain your current rank and continue your quest for the legacy of Tseng and Jorgennson, but your failure will be noted on your codex and will damage your chances of qualifying for a Bloodname. The codex is a warrior’s personal record, and list geneparents, generation number, Blood House, and codex ID, which notes the structure of his or her DNA. It also includes information on the warrior’s career. All your victories, as well as your failures, are noted here, and are taken into account for Trials of Postion and the Trial of Bloodright. The master codex records the DNA maps of every warrior ever born to a sibko.


With this added title of honor, continue your holy quest. You will next travel into Clan Wolf territory to seek out our heritage.


Rank Received: Nova Commander

Fitzsimmons: Do not go getting a big head, now. We ship out for Thun immediately.


After the forces of ComStar defeated those of the Clans on Tukayyid in 3052, Clans Wolf and Jade Falcon were the most powerful of the invading forces. However, in June 3057, a Trial of Refusal was declared between them, which became the so-called Refusal War. Now, at the end of the war, both Clan Jade Falcon and Clan Wolf are sorely weakened, and Clan Wolf is divided into Crusader and Warden factions. The Crusader faction desires immediate action to take back Terra and re-establish the Star League, as Aleksandr Kerensky intended. The Wardens, however, voice caution. They maintain that Aleksandr’s words are not to be taken literally, and that the Clans should remain apart from the corrupt Inner Sphere as guardians, not conquerors.

The Draconis ‘Mechs used in the attack on Ardoz were stolen from Clan Smoke Jaguar by ‘Mechs bearing a distorted Wolf insignia, which could belong to either of the factions. The Crusaders may have stolen our genetic material to spark conflict between our Clan and the Smoke Jaguars, and to slow our invasion of the Inner Sphere until they can rebuild. You and your Trinary will be sent to Thun, a Crusader stronghold.

The Warden Wolves have moved into the Inner Sphere and are now based on Arc-Royal with the mercenary Kell Hounds. They now stand against he Clans, allied with the forces of the Successor States. The Wardens may have perpetrated this crime against us to halt our plans in the Inner Sphere. The Wardens could be sure that we would delay our plans tin order to recover the genetic material.

While you investigate Thun, the 286th Assault Trinary will be sent to Arc-Royal. Between these two campaigns, we must recover the trail.