Melissa Davion

Melissa Davion
Also known as"Rebecca Davion"
DiedNovember 2892[1]
AffiliationHouse Davion
Title(s)First Prince
ParentsMichael Davion (father)
Margaret DuVall (mother)
SiblingsCarl Davion[2]
Joseph Davion II[1]

Melissa Davion was the daughter of Michael Davion by his first marriage, to Margaret Duvall. She is best known for formulating the combined arms doctrine of the AFFS.[3]



In 2861, under the false name "Rebecca" Melissa led the Davion Assault Guards in a highly successful attack on St. Ives; at the time, St. Ives was serving as the capital for the Capellan Confederation Chancellor, Dainmar Liao, and the attack terrified Dainmar badly enough that he immediately sued for peace, even going so far as to acknowledge all of the territorial gains made by the Federated Suns during the Succession Wars up to that point as being legitimate holdings.[4]

First Prince[edit]

Melissa was forty-seven and commander of the Second Avalon Hussars when her brother Carl Davion died on David, fighting the Draconis Combine. Like him, she enjoyed the thrill of combat, but she also saw her first responsibility as being to her people. She also took an important role in raising her younger half-brother Joseph Davion II.

She was responsible for many sweeping reforms of the AFFS, replacing the previous ad hoc Regimental Combat Teams with permanent formations to encourage cooperation between different regiments. She also streamlined the administration and logistics of the AFFS. These changes could have been seen as an attack on tradition, but Melissa was careful to move slowly and secure support for her changes from her Marshals and the senior nobility.

Melissa's 'Model Army' proved its mettle on Robinson when her former regiment drove the Third Sword of Light off the planet after a month of brutal fighting. Shortly afterwards, Melissa contracted Joshallan Fever, the cure for which had been lost during the Succession Wars, and died only a few weeks later.


I too enjoy the thrill of combat, but I am not foolish enough to allow myself that luxury. I know how much my people need me, and that is my greatest responsibility. My brother was a fool; I am not.
  — Princess Melissa Davion, in an unpublished letter to Field Marshal Lennox, a trusted adviser and friend, 2877[5]
When two armies of equal strength face off, victory will go to the side whose soldiers genuinely care for each other and will, therefore, willingly risk their lives for their comrades.
  — Princess Melissa Davion, in an unpublished letter to Field Marshal Lennox, 2892[6]


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