Mosiro Archipelago

Mosiro Archipelago
State Profile

The Mosiro Archipelago was a province of the Free Worlds League consisting of Mosiro, El Giza and Hudeiba. Established at some point during the Third Succession War, the province's worlds reflected the primarily Islamic origin of their settlers. Following the balkanization of the Free Worlds League in 3079, the Archipelago existed as an independent state for several years before Mosiro and El Giza were annexed by the Duchy of Andurien.


Originally part of the Duchy of Andurien[1], the Mosiro Archipelago had become a separate province by the time of Anton Marik's Revolt in 3014. The region remained neutral in that conflict.[2]

During the Blakist Jihad, as the Free Worlds League disintegrated, the Archipelago signed a mutual defense treaty with Andurien in March 3076. The pact saw the Third Andurien Rangers granted basing rights on the Archipelago's three worlds and material support in exchange for their protection from pirates and predatory neighbors.[3]

While in theory the Mosiro Archipelago was an independent state following the League's final dissolution in 3079, it was a de facto protectorate of Andurien with the Third Rangers remaining stationed there throughout the post-Jihad years.[4] [5] By the outbreak of the Victoria War in 3104 Mosiro and El Giza had been absorbed into the Duchy, ending the Archipelago's existence as a separate state.[6]

Government and Society[edit]

The Mosiro Archipelago was governed by the Khalifat, or parliament, during the Jihad era.[3]

Mosiro's provincial population was primarily Arab and Muslim in origin, and also included Black Muslim colonists from Africa and North America. While Mosiro officially exhibited the same cosmopolitanism as the rest of the League, in practice non-Muslims were discriminated against both in religious laws and the workplace. Culturally and architecturally Mosiro was strongly Islamic, and boasted both the largest mosque in the League and the most advanced astrophysical laboratories next to Terra itself. [7] [8]


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