Nicholas Cameron

Nicolas Cameron
Character Profile
Born 13 October 2556[1]
Died 2640
Affiliation House Cameron
Title(s) First Lord
Position Director-General
Profession Noble
Parents Ian Cameron (father)
Shandra Noruff (mother)
Siblings Timothy Cameron
Spouse Lydia Petersen
Children Joseph Cameron II
Deborah Cameron II
Judith Cameron II
Mitchell Cameron II

Nicholas Cameron was First Lord of the Star League from 2602 to 2649.[2]


Early life[edit]

Nicholas Cameron was born 13 October 2556 at House Cameron's countryside manor near London, British Isles on Terra. The second child born to Ian Cameron and Shandra Noruff-Cameron, their first child Timothy dying from a congenital heart defect shortly after his birth in 2536, Nicholas remained largely out of the public's eye and spent most of his early life in the British Isles. During the four years of his secondary schooling Nicholas travelled abroad, jumping across the Terran Hegemony before enrolling at the royal Sandhurst Military Academy, graduating with honors as a MechWarrior lieutenant with a degree in interstellar relations in 2578.[1]

Marriage and children[edit]

Expansion of the Star League[edit]

In 2614, Nicholas appointed Joshua Hoshiko as the Minister of Communications, which is significant in that he hired Professor Cassie DeBurke, from the University of Terra, to develop a faster means of communication between stars than was currently utilized. Her work led to the development of the hyperpulse generator in 2630, which allowed messages to cross from Terra to the deepest Periphery world in less than five months, down from over twelve. [3]

Death and afterward[edit]


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