Nomad (Technician)

This article is about the character. For the DropShip, see Nomad (Individual DropShip).

AffiliationClan Jade Falcon

Nomad is a member of the Technician caste on Ironhold. When Aidan Pryde initially fails his Trial of Position, he is assigned to work under Nomad. Aidan promptly flees, and Nomad is then assigned to assist Falconer Joanna in recovering him by Ter Roshak.

After Aidan's recapture, Nomad continues his assignment to Joanna and works as her technician, saving her life at least once. He is heavily wounded at one point and Joanna assumes that he was killed. However, he reappears at the ceremony when Aidan Pryde's giftake is assimilated into the gene pool, much to Joanna's surprise.

Nomad makes a brief cameo in Falcon Rising when Peri Watson takes note of him in a tavern in the Tech Sector on Ironhold. She had managed to sneak out of a hospital from a beating by a member of the bandit caste to watch her daughter Diana Pryde's (then called Diana) final Trial of Bloodright. Too weak to watch the end of the battle, Peri nearly falls unconscious, but Nomad manages to haul her back to the hospital, reassuring Peri that her daughter successfully passed the Trial, earning the Pryde Bloodname.