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Point of View

Shrapnel Cover (Issue 6).jpg
Point of View
Story information
Author Jason Schmetzer
Pages 3
Type Short Story
Product Shrapnel Issue 6
Era Clan Invasion
Timeline 20 March 3050

Point of View was a short story published serialy in Game Trade Magazine from November 2020 until January 2021 as part of the launch campaign for the Clan Invasion Boxset and other items. It was later republished in Shrapnel (magazine).

Plot summary[edit]

In March 3050 the 9th Falcon Talon and the Turkina Keshik clusters invaded the Federated Commonwealth world of Toland. It was defended by 2nd Regiment, 12th Star Guards and three mixed regiments of the Toland Defense Force. In an initial engagement Sergeant Pablo Benito's company met with Trinary Delta of the Ninth in Judea Jungle. Star Captain Sylvia Roshak's Warhawk Prime destroyed Captain bin Xemol's Quickdraw causing Benito to flee in his STG-3G Stinger, even after Lieutenant Mukerji threatened to shoot Benito for desertion.[1][2][3]

Point Commander Keefer of Trinary Delta Nova bid his Elemental Point to track down Benito's Stinger. Warrior Bitter located Benito first and scored the honor of first blood with an SRM from her Flamer equipped Battle Armor. Benito scored a hit on Warrior Mijj with a medium laser, though Mijj remained combat effective. Bitter and Mijj swarmed the Stinger just as Keefer and the two other members of his Point came into view.[1]

The outcome of this conflict is unknown but Point Commander Keefer survived and was later injured on Tukayyid[3]. Of the approximately 108 MechWarriors of 2nd Regiment, 12th Star Guards fewer than five would survive the two days worth of fighting[2].

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