Raxal Liao

Raxal Liao
AffiliationHouse Liao
ParentsJasmine Liao (mother)
SiblingsHendrik Liao
ChildrenKalvin Liao
Mica Liao

Raxal Liao was a House Liao nobleman and briefly the ninth Chancellor of the Capellan Confederation.


The son of Chancellor Jasmine Liao, Raxal was born with his twin brother, Hendrik. He was older than his sibling, so he was designated as heir. By age twelve, he was the subject of a potential political marriage between House Liao and House Marik. It was proposed that he would be the future husband of Captain-General Simone Marik. However, Simone rejected him because she believed that her time as Captain-General would be over by the time he was old enough to be married.[2]

After his mother's death in 2477, he needed to wait five years until he would be allowed to officially become Chancellor. The Chancellorship fell to the Duke of Sian, Edmund Salindar as Regent. Raxal was drawn more to education than politics. Upon reaching age the age of nineteen, he became Chancellor. During his twelve-minute reign, he refused to take over the day-to-day operations that Duke Salindar had faithfully been doing in his stead. He then abdicated the throne to his brother Hendrik. He cited that he preferred to become a scholar and scientist than serve as Chancellor. He had been heard saying that he'd be less of a target as a scientist.[3]

Death and afterward[edit]

Raxal's legacy is not of his own, but of his children. Despite his disdain for politics, this would not be the fate for his children, Kalvin and later Mica Gabriel Liao. His family line would continue well after him as direct descendants of an apolitical man.[1]


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