Jasmine Liao (25th c.)

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Jasmine Liao
Character Profile
Born 2430[1]
Died 2477[1]
Affiliation House Liao
Profession Chancellor of the Capellan Confederation
Parents Stephen Edward Liao (father)
Siblings Duncan Liao
Children Raxal Liao
Hendrik Liao

Jasmine Liao of House Liao nobility, politician, 2nd Duchess of Liao, and 7th Chancellor of the Capellan Confederation.


Sudden Ascension to the Chancellorship and Revenge[edit]

Daughter of Chancellor Stephen Liao, Jasmine was second in line for succession to House Liao's throne. In 2450, her brother Duncan succeeded her father, following his death from pneumonia. However, in 2451, her brother moved to curb the powerful General Ral Merik's power. When her brother reduced the Merik's Grenadiers by half, the general conducted a well-organized revolt and took her brother hostage.[2]

Her nation's nobility granted General Merik and his Turk cronies title of "Protectors of the State", and they ruled the nation with her brother as their hostage. However, in February of 2452 word came that her brother had committed suicide by setting fire to his cramped room.[2]

This left Jasmine outraged that her young brother had died by horrible means, she then took the Chancellorship and ordered the 2nd Hexare Lancers to launch an attack on the Winter Palace, where the Grenadiers had held up. Within the hour, the Lancers committed to the attack on the Winter Palace, the ensuing battle lasted for two days, ending on the 1st of March. Despite the Grenadiers' offers of surrender, the Chancellor had ordered the renegade Regiment to be annihilated.[2]

Second Time of Tribulation[edit]

After having a state funeral for her dear brother, she made the 2nd Hexare Lancers her family personal military regiment, renaming them the Red Lancers.

Seeing the problem that her father created during his reign, she set out reform CCAF military by purging it of its military hierarchy. This purge would be known as the 2nd of Time of Tribulation, as two years would come and go with hundreds of officers put on trial as traitors and put to death. She then took command of nation's divisional and sector commands into the Chancellorship, and as of 2455 that military commander may attain rank higher than Colonel.[3]

Third Tribulation and Completion of the Liao Autocracy[edit]

In 2456, Maskirovka gave her reports to confirm the existence of the new war machine her father had rumor of, the BattleMech. She then ordered her people to obtain design and specs for these machines from the Lyran Commonwealth all costs. It was not until 2462 did Maskirovka deliver her technology to create BattleMechs, via a Free Worlds League defector.[4] After receiving specification for the League's Icarus BattleMech, she has launches number of Industrial programs in order to have components Confederation needs to build its own indigenous 'Mech design.

During her rule, she had been bitter over nobilities' action during the coup that claimed her brother's life. She pushed for more control of the Confederation by using her positions' "Emergency Powers" to outmaneuver political opponents. Her maneuvers move the once representative government towards a repression regime under her family's control. This was known as "Third Time of Tribulation" by later historians.

She overhauled the Capellan educational system along the lines of the Taurian Concordat, vastly improving the literacy rate of her people.[5]

Jasmine had undertaken the task to stabilize her nation's relations with its neighbors. Her administration was able to get House Davion to exchange ambassadors, lessen the hostilities between them.

In 2472, Jasmine has the completed WAM (Weapons Armed Mech) introduced into service after its initial completion and testing period.[6][7]

In 2475 arranged marriages between her nation and Free Worlds League's Simone Marik and young 12-year-old son Raxal. Captain-General rejected it because her reign as Captain-General would be over by time Raxal was old enough to be married.[8][9]

In the last years of her Chancellorship, the League approached her attempt to enact a deal to supply and aide them in their planned invasion of the Terran Hegemony. She rejected the deal from what historians had alleged disappointment in past deals being turned down and her shrewdness. In 2476, the League's invasion preparation, inform of supply depots in Oriente system were destroyed by Hegemony Task Force. It was suspected Jasmine had been the "leak" that notified Hegemony of the League's plans.

At her death at age 47, Jasmine passed away by natural causes while in office.[10]

Family and Legacy[edit]

Jasmine had twin sons, Raxal and Hendrik.[11]


The role of the Chancellor is like a shepherd to his flock—but the flock goes where the shepherd leads, or else it feels the rod!
  — Attributed to Chancellor Jasmine Liao[12]


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