Regal Death

Regal Death
Disbanded May 3050
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command Independent


The Regal Death was a mercenary BattleMech company with support from two battalions of heavy armor of unknown origins assigned to the defense of the Free Rasalhague Republic planet Susquehanna. They were there during the Clan Invasion and faced the Ninety-sixth Battle Trinary of Clan Ghost Bear's Fourteenth Battle Cluster on May 3050. Not used to Clan tactics, the Regal Death lied as they would have done with a pirate band or another Inner Sphere unit and paid for it.[1]

When the Ninety-sixth arrived at the location agreed to in the batchall to find no sign of their opponents but remembering the conduct of a mercenary unit named the Black Omen during the first wave of the invasion, the Ninety-Sixth suspected they had fled but nevertheless began hunting them as a precaution. Unfortunately the Trinary's Bravo Battle Star walked into an ambush in the Vernaw Woods: three of their number were destroyed by booby-traps, while the mercenaries from their prepared fighting positions destroyed and seriously damaged the other two. The other two Stars arrived in time to save the last survivor of Bravo Star, attacking the mercenaries with such ferocity at Vernaw Woods and again at Silver Lake that every member of the Regal Death was killed.[1]

The behavior of units like the Regal Death and Black Omen would cement the Ghost Bear's hatred of mercenaries, with many declaring all mercenaries dezgra refusing them honorable treatment and rarely claiming them as bondsmen.[1]


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