Rubinsky's Renegades

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Rubinsky's Renegades
Formed ca. 3057
Previous Designation(s) Rubinsky's Brigade
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command

With familial ties to the Rubinsky's Light Horse, Rubinsky's Renegades (originally Rubinsky's Brigade) is a small but surprisingly successful mercenary unit.


The Renegades were formed from the ashes of the Grover's Heavy Guard, a mercenary company employed by the Draconis Combine in the late 3050's. Launching a raid against Clan Smoke Jaguar in 3057, the Heavy Guard's commander ignored the advice of the newly recruited Maxophilia Rubinsky and walked his unit straight into the waiting guns of a Jaguar Binary. When he was killed and the executive officer faltered, Maxophilia immediately took command and led the unit to a more defensible position, succeeding in defeating the Clan unit and escaping with half its original strength.[1]

Over the next year, Rubinsky rebuilt and trained her demi-company constantly, resulting in a string of successful raids against the Smoke Jaguars. As of October 3059, the relatively young unit was stationed on Xinyang and could boast a B- Dragoon Rating.[1]

They also participated in Operation Bird Dog, tying down Smoke Jaguar forces on Hyner. The unit sustained heavy losses, reducing the command to two operational 'Mechs. The Renegades continued to use their "up close and personal" tactics, and as a result they frequently took heavy damage. This was mitigated by the large salvage rights that they received in their contracts. The Renegades specialized in lightning fast objective raids or extractions, particularly along borders with the Clans or the Word of Blake Protectorate. Their successes improved their Dragoons Rating to A.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Rubinsky's Brigade
Captain Maxophilia Rubinsky 3059[1]


The Renegades are specialized in close quarter combat and fighting against superior forces, preferring limiting terrain but equally adept on open ground. The Renegades have modified several of their BattleMechs for improved close range performance.[1]



Rubinsky's Renegades (demi-company/Veteran/Reliable) [1]

  • CO: Captain Maxophilia Rubinsky [1]
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Xinyang. [1]


Rubinsky's Renegades (1 Demi-Company)[citation needed]


  • The unit's insignia is a polished-chrome wasp, painted on the upper left leg of each 'Mech. Combined with the Renegades' tactical preferences, the insignia led some in the DCMS to nickname them "The Swarm".[1]
  • The unit has no specific paint scheme, merely using camouflage suited to the terrain in which they are operating.[1]
  • The Renegades "inherited" the Heavy Guard's Union-class DropShip, having renamed it The Hive.[1]


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